Importing done!

Oh joy! I succeded importing all my entries from my last MT weblog which sat on, a domain that expired in the meantime, and I had no control to renew it. And it wasn’t a big fuss either. Just grabbed the MySQL backup again and I made a little PHP script to show all the entries as TypePad’s import feature needed them. And it went smooth.

The comments were not imported. And I still have to transfer all the images.

My town's days

Yes. It’s that time of the year. When all gather to celebrate Baia Sprie’s days. My opinion? It’s a huge gathering of idiots and mostly gypsies. I guess tonight will be cute anyway I because there’ll be fireworks and I always liked them. But as it looks now I think I won’t attend. I will go out and snap some pics later this afternoon though.

Yesterday I took some pictures too. For the local paper of course. I snapped the crowd around the catholic church with some stands selling forgettable memorabilia, some pics inside the church during the festive mass and then after a break I went to where I liked it the most, somekind of a local art gallery which was setup especially for the occasion. This meant that local artists and associations exposed their works. Mostly nice and even very nice stuff except the kiddish works of the local Women’s Association which made me think that they were done mostly for the sake of being done (‘Girls, we MUST present something!’). They were cute at a level, but they had absolutely no artistical meaning whatsoever.

I should work on GSM Boutique. I’m expecting a footer from the designer I’m working with Mr. Adapt and then I can re-start full speed work.

The restoring process is not working so well since I don’t know where I saved those Movable Type database backups. Will save them again. Then install MT locally (this means Perl too). Then export the entries. Then import them into Typepad. Yeah. I love computers. Not.

After sending out a mail to a nice guy I received the vectorial file with design for a very cool t-shirt. Time to call a friend’s father and enquire about the possibilities of actually putting this on fabric. I will love this t-shirt!

Written while listening to: Princess Superstar - Do it like a robot

Update on January 7, 2021, more than 17 years later I just checked and it seems that I was actually listening to Princess Superstar - Do it like a robot (Hell Rocks The Equalizer Remix). The remix part is very important because when I started listening to the original song I realized I haven’t ever heard it. The remix though, I recognized instantly.


Well, starting again. For the 3rd or 4th time I guess…

I hope this will go well.

Typepad looks really cool and has an impressive array of features at a first glance. I will some things soon (like I’ll try to import my older posts)… See what happens. If after the trial I still like it I think I’m going to keep it.


Actually it didn’t work out so well. Since for less than the price of TypePad’s Plus service I get this nice hosting. And for 10 bucks more I got my own domain name too. Read more about it.

Advantages of digital TV

The advantage of having about 12 music channels which you can zap at your will is that you can always find (especially at 4:20 in the morning waiting for a boring download to finish on your not-so-good-but-not-bad-either dial-up line) something to karaoke on. And there’s one more advantage. I live in house built of huge stones. Walls are on average about 1 meter thick. So no problems arise with my parents.

Poor furniture in my room. It has to listen to my cries. Ahahaha. Now back to some more “singing”.

Happy happy! Joy joy!

I just discovered my satellite dish aligned itself or something. Anyway it seems that now I’m receiving Viva loud and clear. And this means I’ll be able to record Mayday 2003 in pure & fine MPEG2. Oh yeah!