High speed CD burning doesn't work

I noticed that my trusty old CD writer developed some problems. I usually write CDs at 12x but I thought that I’ll change that since everybody I know is using his CD writer at maximum or at near maximum speed. Well, I tried writing at 24x. Nero buffered up the data but when it came to the point to actually write the stuff on the media the disc spun up and then it spun right down. Then up again then down right away. And this process repeated itself over and over. Nero froze. I killed it with the task manager but the drive kept spinning the disc up and down. I tried to shut down but to no avail. The solution was pushing the reset button. I tried with 16x. Same result. 12x works as a charm though. I think I’ll visit my retailer very soon.

Party time!

It seems that fun comes in waves. At least this is what’s happening to me nowadays. I mean for a few months nothing important happens and then suddenly there comes the party season!

Last weekend DuBase, one of Romania’s finest breakbeat DJs, visited Baia Mare. Next weekend it’s the TMBase festival which is the biggest and most important Romanian electronic music festival. Held yearly at Timisoara. And then in a week it’s Adam Freeland in Bucharest. I’ll attend these. Unfortunately I will not attend Hyper who comes in a week after Freeland. The reasons are obvious: I don’t have a money factory in my basement. Unfortunately.

Whoo! Tough times ahead! Also huge money spilling ahead. Looks like having fun is rather expensive. Anyway after this I think there won’t be anything important until Christmas. At least not this big or important.

Nuts and tees

My dirty left handThat’s my hand. I’ve been working in the garden, picking nuts today and yesterday and even if I constantly wore rubber gloves it shows badly. I don’t really understand how because I tested the gloves with water and they aren’t punctured. I have to live with it. At least until it washes off.

I took a short trip today along with a friend to pick up the package I received from Threadless.com and we were very excited to open it and find some fantastic tees! I gave him his and came home to check out the remaining four (of which two are for Mr. Designer, one is for Mr. Unofficial Partner and one is for me). The t-shirts themselves are made by Fruit of the Loom and the print is of the highest quality. I hope they will last long!

Weekend report

An unusual thing happened Saturday. Everything went as planned. And this is a rather unusual thing to happen.

Shortly after posting the last entry I thought I’ll check out my minidisc deck (in fact it’s not mine, I got it from somebody for an unlimited time because it was collecting dust on one of his shelves) see if it’s in good condition. I haven’t unpacked it since a few months. Plugged it in, turned it on, pressed play. Everything went fine. Pressed eject. Disc halfly ejected. Then it went back. Pressed eject again. Half eject. Went back. Pressed eject the third time, grabbed the disc but the device’s motor beat me and pulled the disc out of my hand. Grrr! Looked at the clock, it was 5:50 PM. The wedding was about to start in 10 minutes. And there I was fighting with my minidisc dressed. Screwdriver. Opened it. Figured out what the problem was (something got bent because I carried the deck around in bag packing everything on it). Fixed it. At 6 and a little I was at the place of the wedding. And I was not late.

Everybody slowly arrived. I hardly recognized the guy with short hair. Handshakes. Had two words with him. Then it started. After the first part ended I got home, packed a change clothes (except shoes) and the MD and off I went. I stood until 11:30 at the wedding, realizing that I forgot the shoes, then I excused myself and went to my girlfriend’s house to get the suit off and get the nice clothes on. Got a pair of shoes from her brother (thank God!).

In no time I was at the party place (returning first to grab my camera). Made lots of photos. Recorded everything. Danced around. Talked. Drunk 0 alcohol. Returned home happy in the morning. Slept from 7 AM to 7 PM. Not bad.

Of weddings and such

Well, here I am. I woke up at 4 PM after a rather fun night. And now I’m getting ready to go and attend my friend’s wedding.

Obviously things got complicated since my last post on the subject. Of course that I had to find out that one of the coolest Romanian breakbeat DJs is coming to Baia Mare. He’ll spin tonight. The night when I’m supposed to be at the wedding. Why does this have to happen? I mean for more than one year nothing concerning drum’n’bass or breakbeat happens in Baia Mare, and when finally something happens I’m supposed to be at a wedding?

I cooked up a nice battle plan. Involving escaping from the wedding, changing my clothes, getting to the place of the event and recording everything he plays on minidisc (I had a talk with him last night). The hardest part is escaping from the wedding. But I hope I’ll succeed.

Time to get ready!