Back from THE Festival

My badge with the site's name messed up... Now this last one was one TIGHT weekend. The most intense of this year that’s for sure! And one of the best of my entire life! TM03Base was a real blast, but that’s no wonder knowing the amount of work the organizers and their helping hands put into it! That Jay Cunning set, that Suv set, those MCs, that crowd, that people, oh dear, oh dear! It was something extraordinary even if you look at it by a non-Romanian perspective. Proof: Jay Cunning himself stated on the official TMBase forum that it was the best party he played at this year… People are raving about the event on our forum and on others too probably.

But let’s see what happened step by step. From my point of view at least.

Wednesday night I was all set and all ready for the trip. At least I thought I was ready… It rained all day and the temperature dropped to a chilly 6 degrees Celsius. Fortunately the rain stopped just a little before I left my house and so taking the umbrella with me was futile. But I learned my lesson on Wednesday morning when I went to cut my hair and left the umbrella at home and as soon as I stepped out with my nearly bald head it started pouring a really cold rain… So I took my umbrella. Went to the train, hooked up with two friends. We almost froze because Romanian trains purely rule! The inside temperature is equal to the outside temperature minus the wind. So we opened our bags and pulled out almost all the warm clothes we had upon us and wrapped them around ourselves. Fortunately I managed to catch a little sleep. But still I was very tired and after hooking up with my friend, Bogdan, and going around his place, I basically slept all day scaring his parents a little, because they thought I got ill or something like that. But they got used to it because in the following days I did this again 3 times. Sleeping all day that is.

TM03Base Crowd The first night of the festival arrived and I sat around the Evolution club and took some pictures and chatted with various people. Haven’t danced that night because I wasn’t really in the mood. It seems like I inhaled to much cigarette smoke which was everywhere and it caused me a really bad headache. I sat around til a little after 5 AM when I took a cab to the train station to pick up my girlfriend. We went back to Bogdan’s place ready to sleep away the day. This didn’t went that smooth because lots of people were arriving that day, so my phone wasn’t really quiet but I managed to prepare myself for the night ahead. At around 8:30 PM we went and met up with one of the girls I traveled with who happened to be a friend of my girlfriend’s and a guy who was a friend of mine. The girls decided to visit a club first but me and Steve went directly to the party place. Meeting people, handshakes and it started!

Two stages and one chillroom. It sounds simple. But it was in fact heavy. Very heavy! After a while Bogdan arrived with my camera and minidisc deck which I imediately put to work. I will not describe everything that happened because I intend to post a much more musically oriented and detailed review to (in Romanian) but I can say that on this night Suie Paparude really drove the crowd crazy. And that ending with Toxic. Wow! That was madness too.

Went “home” dead tired. Slept one more day. And got ready for the main and final night. Which featured among others Jay Cunning / Atomic Hoolingan and DJ Suv. We got there a little late so I missed a set I wanted to see, but I received the promo CD from Gojira (the great fun maestro) which really stuck into my CD drive today. Nice tunes. Mr. Pit, Sensorship, Penal and then…

One of the Hooligans scratching Jay and Atomic’s set was pure madness!!! I never saw such a show and never felt so good while witnessing a live act. I couldn’t dance a lot because I was busy taking photos of Jay doin’ his funky duck dance or the crowd hugging one of the Hooligans. Then the backstage got really crowded. I took pictures with me plus almost everyone around there… All the celebrities. Hehe. I rule. I heard that Unu’ really rocked at Stage 2. Unfortunately they played at the same time as Jay… So I missed them. I couldn’t really believe it but Suv and MC Verse kept the atmosphere hot even after that explosive breaks set that preceeded their set. I couldn’t resist anymore and started jumping around. And the backstage got even more crowded. My girlfriend and her friend joined me. Steve joined. It seemed to me everybody was back there, even if officially they weren’t allowed. Trigga of the Infamous Massive crew (The Deer from Buzau between friends, ehehe) ended the night for me with an angry and wicked drum and bass set. There was one more DJ after him but we went to Bogdan’s place to lay our heads on the fluffy pillow because my brain and feet were playing dead.

Sunday afternoon and night we recorded some of the important from MD to computer, went out but trying to get into some club I was stopped the reason being I was wearing sneakers… Although as much as I could see almost everyone was wearing them inside. The guy at the door probably had something against my face, or something… I was a bit upset but it passed. We went to the friend’s-of-girlfriend apartment, watched the end of Erin Brockovich and a whole episode of Sex And The City which always amuses me a lot. It turned out I had more fun this way than sitting in some hype club sipping an expensive beer…

Monday morning some nice guy took us home by car for free. I couldn’t really believe it. But I was finally home. Phew!

Hereby I send out my greetings to everyone concerned! I had one of the nicest times of my whole life! It was more than great! Thanks!

Advance deal

Nintendo Gameboy AdvanceHehe, seems like another gadget is in the house. I’ve been dreaming about a GameBoy Advance for quite a long time. I was thinking about buying the SP version of course because it’s cooler and everything, but I always postponed the purchase because another things popped into the image and it looked quite expensive. But when you get a deal at hand for only 30 € the console and an additional 15 € for the game cartridge you can’t really refuse. So now I have a GBA plus Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 which looks like one of the best games ever made for this cool console.

All is set for some serious thumb abuse!

The Bathroom Survey

A friend recommended me the Bathroom Habits Survey which I had a lot of fun completing. The funniest part was reading the survey results after completing and submiting the initial form.

Some golden quotes:

  • Are you an inspector?
  • Have you ever urinated in the shower?
  • Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead?

And when I thought this was funny I checked out which sent me rolling on the floor. Just by checking the The Poop List.

I always enjoyed dirty humor! :-)

A Jewish pianist and some zombies

28_days_later.jpg The two movies that stuck in my mind, from the ones I saw recently, were Roman Polanski’s The Pianist which had such an effect on me that I lay in my bed for about an hour after seeing it not being able to sleep but being hunted by those nightmarish images of torture and suffering. It had me thinking days after seeing it. I still can’t imagine how human beings can do and endure such horrors…

The other good one I saw belongs to a rather different genre (science-fiction) and was directed by one of my favorite directors, Danny Boyle. The movie is called 28 Days Later and tells a rather bizarre story about the few survivors of a virus which wiped out most of the population of England. In fact it didn’t wipe them out but transformed them into blood thirsty zombies. A captivating movie all in all.

I do not have so much work these days so I saw lots of movies lately. But only the aforementioned two made me think… For the rest of them I had the necessary amount of popcorn though!

We Want Your Soul video

we_want_your_soul.jpgYeah, I found the video for Adam Freeland’s We Want Your Soul so I copied it really fast to a place where I can download it from as I hate streaming media. It’s a really cool one. I haven’t seen many good music videos lately. In fact I haven’t seen any memorable music videos lately. But I’m not watching music tv channels so much anymore. And if I am, I most probably tune in to VH1 which usually broadcasts music which matches my taste at least as long as it comes to music broadcasted by music tv channels.

Lately I listened a lot to the minidiscs I recorded with DuBase’s performance last weekend and I dug up an older mixed CD I got from Seb which slowly grew on me to the point that I like it a lot now and listen to it almost every day. At least parts of it depending on my time. Great job pal! :)

UPDATE The download link is gone since it was generating way to much traffic over at and the guys who host the site for free started complaining… Sorry.