A sucky Freeland saved by some super friends

I’m back home from a rather disappointing party fortunately saved by a fantastic warm-up with some fantastic friends.

I’m talking about Adam Freeland’s gig held at Studio Martin / Bucharest. Which wasn’t what I expected. It was a rather diasappointing set. Or at least of as much as we enjoyed of it because it’s obviously a very bad ideea to set the start for the main act of a given night to 4:30 AM… It’s even worse if you spent all of the preceding night travelling with the legendary Romanian trains which seemingly have two settings for heat: ‘off’ and ‘boil’em!’. It was the second case this time.

But thanks to some nice people I’m not at all disappointed. And I do not regret that I traveled to Bucharest. Because the intro for the party at Seb’s place was a blast! I spent the first part of the day (after getting off the train) probably looking zombie-like because I haven’t slept more than a quarter of an hour all the night. Most of this first part of the day we spent it in a snowboard accessories shop. And the first satisfactions came, since I’ve got myself some new boots (Askew) and a pair of nice boarding pants. No more riding with freezing water soaked pants! :-( Then we went to his place, ate and I jumped in the bed to get some sleep before the big night.

Which eventually came. We all got very drunk. Everybody got really happy. The subwoofer got turned up. And Seb and Trigga got on the decks (all this happened at Seb’s place). Wow. Was it cool? Nope. It was supercool. There was dancing and fun and it could’ve been the second best night of the year if Freeland would’ve been OK. But he wasn’t. And waiting 4:30 hours for him to get on the decks in a smoke filled club wasn’t the best intro either…

Sunday, winning a battle with my horrible hangover I got on the train and in almost no time (I’m lying here) I was home. My sincere thanks go out to the cool people that made this trip a cool and worthy one.

What on Earth is this?

I received this spam e-mail.

The method this scumbag used obviously tricked Spam Assassin which gave the mail only 2.5 points out of the required 4.5 that mark any of my incoming mail as spam.

But the question is, what’s the use? Why do the send out unreadable mails? Just for the sake of it? Just because they can’t stop doing it? Who reads this kind of shit anyway? A beginner / average user surely not. A geek knows it’s spam and will send it to trash right away. So what’s the use? I really don’t get it… And it’s even more weird that it “advertises” university diplomas. I remember I read in some blog about something similar but I just can’t remember where.

It’s weird anyway.

Nice e-book and GameBoy upgrades

Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby looks like my next read. I’ve neglegted my Palm lately and I feel guilty.

However the GameBoy I bought recently will get an upgrade soon because I’ve just passed an order for a linker, which will allow me to play those ROMs I’ve got sitting around on my hard drive since quite some time. And also, maybe, if time will allow it, develop my own stuff for the GBA. I remember that when I had the GameBoy fever back in the time when I was thinking for the first time about buying one, I made a small .gba file which did nothing but showed a pic of my town on the screen. I had a nice collection of GBA developer site links back then which I eventually lost. But I’ll surely get around it, if it hits me again.

Feeling generous?

I found a funny phrase on the mIRC online registration page. It says:

mIRC costs US$20.00. You can, however, choose a different amount below based on what you can afford, if you wish.</p>

And it lets you choose between $10, $20, $30 and $40. Now which price would you choose?

No more Muzik and other facts

Here are some tidbits which I consider news:

  • When I got home yesterday found a letter on the table in which IPC Media informed me that Muzik Magazine closed and there'll be no further issues. This is sad. Very sad. I really enjoyed reading Muzik.
  • Napster is about to relaunch as a pay-per-download service. I don't think it'll have the same success as the first version (no payed service will have as much success as a free one, ever!) although it's backed by an agressive advertising campaign.
  • Talking about Napster, there's Samsung's Napster MP3 Player which looks kinda cute and has lots of cool features! Maybe they'll import it to Romania too. In a year or two... At least.
  • A List Apart is about to lauch the 3rd version of their site. I'm keeping my eyes peeled because ALA is one of those sites that preach for CSS based layouts and their articles are usually reference material.
  • I'm enjoying James Holden's Balance 005 mix more than a lot! It balances between quite a number of electronic music styles and sub-styles, while still managing to keep Holden's trademark sound signature. Great 2 CD set!
  • There's a trailer available for one of my favorite directors' new movie. I'm talking about Tim Burton's Big Fish. I'm really looking forward to see it as Burton always succeeds in creating hunting visual worlds...

That’s about it for now.