That naughty Yahoo! Messenger

Thanks to my friend Cosmo I succeeded in spicing up my Yahoo! Messenger a little bit by downloading and installing the Basefaces Adult Smileys Collection. No more boring chats.

One naughty smiley ;-)


Since this entry is by far the most accessed one in my blog I would like to add a little extra for all of you who pop in from Google. Did you know there are hidden emoticons embedded in your factory default Yahoo! Messenger? Just click the link to find out how to send them. And if you found this page useful maybe you could leave a comment, for my enjoyment. Have fun!

CDR quality

I’m paranoid about the quality of some of the CD media I’m purchasing so I was quite happy when I found this page which talks exactly about this. It looks like the TDK CDs I’m buying score well just as my own experience tells me. To properly identify my discs I use Nero InfoTool which is a free download and provides lots more detail than I want to know, but obviously include all the relevant data about my CD writer and the disc that happens to be inserted.

I said that I’m concerned about the quality of some of the media I’m buying because there’s a lot of junk that gathers up on my hard drives which I can’t just throw in the Recycle Bin. So I put burn these on not-so-good CDRs. The results? I usually need something of that junk badly and I can’t read the CDs I myself wrote with my own CD burner… Bad.

The price of laziness

Where can my lazyness lead I ask?

Here’s the story. I bought a 40 gig hard drive sometime in the spring of 2002. Because the original 4 gig one I had plus a 6 gig one I “borrowed” from my job were getting dangerously small. I thought then, as I thought in fact when I bought the 4 gig one in the autumn of ‘98, that I’ll never fill it up. But eventually I filled it. And I’m keeping it filled. Because as soon as I write some CDs, new stuff comes and it’s full again. So now I have around 38 - 39 gigs of data laying around waiting to be burned.

And I want to reinstall Windows XP because I have the original XP and I wish to install Service Pack 1. Problem is, my C: partition has 100 megs free of the 3 gigs allocated. And I’m too lazy to delete XP and all the related stuff from DOS (as I want to execute a complete, clean install). Plus my partitions are fragmented as hell… SO, i decided to buy a new disk drive. A Maxtor. Because I had some problems with the Western Digital I have and I don’t really trust WD hard drives anymore. There was a time when it was making these weird “klang-klang” sounds quite often. Some friends told me it’s overheating, and the fact is, it was very hot but I have another theory too. Since I changed my motherboard and got a new, more powerful, powersource the “klangs” stopped. So maybe the old power source was too weak to keep all the stuff inside my ‘puter in good condition.

Conclusion is: I’m looking forward for an 80 gig Maxtor which I hope I’ll never be able to fill (yeah, good joke!) and a new, bigger case, because the one I have can hardly house my new motherboard.

Wow, now that's a climb!

Yey! I searched for my last name with Google about a week ago and this blog came in on the last page. I don’t remember exactly but I think it wasn’t the last result but the one before the last. Anyway, re-checking now I saw that it hopped up to the fourth place on the first page. I read in some blog a while ago that Google just loves blogs. How true! I bet it’ll soon be number one… One or two more comments in Kasia’s blog

Winamp 5 rocks

Winamp 5 Beta

Yep! It simply does. Even if it’s a beta.

Those looks! That functionality! I don’t know whatever happened to version 4, but I don’t really care. I wouldn’t touch version 3 even if it was the last media player on Earth (well maybe in that case I’d make an exception) because it sucks sooo badly.

But this version is way cool!