So much spam so little time...

Fighting spam is always actual. Because once you think that, yes!, I finally found the ultimate tool to filter all that nasty spam out, spammers figure out a way to avoid the filter the majority is using applying various methods, some of them rather dumb others quite clever. That’s why I gave up on using the SpamAssassin proxy. It was letting an increasing number of messages through into my Inbox and the only way to make it catch them would have been to lower the spam score to a ridiculously low level. This in turn would meant lots of false positives (completely harmless mail identified as SPAM) which I was getting anyway meaning I had to fiddle with the whitelist… All this fiddling meant work, work and more work. And who likes work? Who doesn’t like comfort?

So after spending some time browsing Spamotomy here’s the new solution, POPFile. It’s a program based on bayesian filters which means that it’s quite stupid out of the box and you have to train it to identify spam. In fact it’s not designed to identify just spam because it can learn to sort any kind of incoming mail whether it is from various mailing lists, newsletters, colleagues, friends, etc. A fair amount of training and you have a very powerful mail sorter tool. I was amazed how quickly it caught what is spam and what’s legitimate mail. The configuration is a lot easier than that of the SpamAssassin proxy because it shows up in your browser and it is really straightforward once you get a grip of the basics. So for the moment this is the tool for me! And since it can learn I think I will be using it for some time…

As the ultimate method I’m thinking about chaining up the 2 tools, so that POPFile would receive the email already processed by the SpamAssassin proxy which will run set at a reasonably high score to avoid false positives.

The ultimate goal? 0 spam in my Inbox. Yeah right…

The oh-so-usual link and yek dump

Here comes stuff!

  • Head Over Heels for Windows - Windows remake of an old ZX Spectrum game I liked featuring some extra cool graphics!
  • Windows XP Tips & Tricks
  • ColorMatch Remix - Helps color dumb people like me pick a reasonably nice set of colors for a site.
  • JavaScript Color Picker / Palette - It's great for the config pages of web based content management systems or any other web application which needs to let users or administrators specify colors.
  • One of the Christmas gifts for my parents - It's a compilation CD of some highly successful Hungarian songs from the 1960s which they love. The other present for them will be a coffee maker which I still have to pick (I'm strongly inclined towards a Philips).
  • One of the Christmas gifts for my girlfriend - I won't buy this from the web though! Among the other gifts will be a big pack of Kinder Buenos which she absolutely adores... And she practically asked for them. Haha.
  • I like this dude - Mostly for the great content on his site. I found him by searching Feedster for 'manele' which is an infamous kind of Romanian music but later I discovered that he spent some time really close to my hometown. Obviously I became really interested and checked most of the other stuff on the site which proved to be quite resourceful.

The wait is over

This site shows up as the first result when searching Google for my rather unusual last name. It really looks like it’s time to put lazyness aside and build the rest of the site…

My site, viewed on a Mac

This site as it looks in Safari 1.1 Hehe, way cool. There’s no need to find e-pals owning a Mac and ask them to take a screenshot of your site, because now there’s the iCapture site which takes a screenshot of your requested site as it looks in Safari 1.1. You can save the 1024 x 768 PNG image and then analyze it for visual bugs. And all this for free (will be hopefully sponsor-driven in the future)!

My site has some visual faults around the tab links at the top. I put so much work into them to look the same at least in IE and Mozilla but it looks they still don’t look OK in all of the modern browsers out there (because frankly who cares about Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.5 anymore?).

Shrek 2 and some Scrat mania

scrat-small.gifOh my God! It looks everyone’s favorite ogre is about to return! I can barely wait since the original movie was hands down the best computer generated cartoon I ever saw. Ice Age is close or maybe better visually but it surely can’t reach Shrek’s killer dialogue. And of what I see on IMDB, Eddie Murphy will be Donkey again in part 2 so we’re looking ahead for some serious verbal fun! May 21st, 2004, come quick!

Oh, and can I have a wish? I want more of Scrat (I’m talking about the little creature pictured here on the left). More more more more more more!