Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (Movie Poster) I went to Cluj-Napoca this weekend (actually Thursday night) and while trying to spend some quality time with my girlfriend we went to this movie in a quite nice theater (Victoria). The public was not so nice because it seemed like some gipsy kids from an orphan house got their Christmas money and so they inhabited some of the main room of the theater the “normal” public being forced to the balcony. No one really wanted to be around them since they were acting quite weird. Drugs maybe… I don’t know.

But back to the movie! Although Brendan Fraser kind of annoys me, because as much as I saw he always plays childish roles in childish movies and even this time a computer animated Duffy Duck played rings around him, looking back it was a fun movie. I mean when I saw Fraser on the poster I thought I’ll have to shut down my mind to enjoy some of it, it wasn’t half that bad. Steve Martin was hilarious in the role of ACME’s really evil chairman and there were lots of quite funny references coming from the excellently animated cartoon characters. As when (I think) Daffy says something like “That’s not boxing! You have to bite his ear off!” or when Bugs reads “Force for Dummies” while fighting with a light saber. Jenna Elfman looked really good of course and the movie also featured one of my long time favorite cartoon characters, Taz, the tasmanian devil!

It was well worth seeing it.

Michael Crichton's Prey

Michael Crichton - Prey (Book Cover) I got annoyed. Because I finished a great novel in a very short time. This happened to me before but quite a long time ago. And I’m really pleased when I get this kind of excitement while reading a book. “Just one more paragraph and I’ll put it down” was my motto since Wednesday night when I purchased the extra packed e-book from Palm Digital Media.

The book is about an experiment involving nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, going, obviously, wrong. It has a strong science backing as anyone who ever read a Crichton novel would expect. In whole it’s a frightful insight in what could happen if a bunch of scientists would create a self aware, self replication capable (micro) organism and “accidentally” release it in the wild. The book is really tense and action packed from cover to cover. The characters are kind of classic, but nicely rounded. I haven’t really focused on them though, because all the action drew my attention away. I can tell it’s not a deep novel even though after reading it, it makes one think a little about the aspects and factors involved in nanotechnology’s possible advancement. But there’s a fact: it gave me a few days of quality entertainment and that’s all that matters for me.

My guess is that they’ll make a movie of it as they did from Timeline a book I read but haven’t seen the movie based on it and the other Crichton books I haven’t yet read but saw the movies (Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Congo, etc). It just asks for a movie.

Weird thing

I was on Y!M tonight with a friend and when I clicked back on Messenger’s window I saw a line supposedly written by me which made no sense. And worse, I didn’t remember writing it. Something is wrong. I’m whether really tired, I’m going crazy or… Was this somekind of a sign?

The Christmas business

So, the gift for my girlfriend is a ‘check’. And NO, this present doesn’t have any hidden message attached to it, she said she would like one and I got the message and bought one. Anyway checking out the product I can say without a doubt that women are crazy. I would never touch my skin with THAT! When it’s turned on it makes a horrific noise and the way those rotating discs look… Yay! Out of a movie! Really scary!

I have nothing for my parents yet. It’s too late to order that CD, and the coffee maker doesn’t seem to worth it. Or at least so I was told. Hmmm. I have to come up with something appropriate pretty quick. Because days are going by really fast and the big C is looming.

I can barely wait however.

Need for Speed: Underground

Need for Speed: Underground screenshot I’ve been playing this for the last few days and all I can say is: whew! It’s fast and… no, not furious, but fun! A lot of fun! Yesterday my middle finger hurt after pressing most of the day the accelerate button on my keyboard. So I could say it’s a little addictive too…

I’m not a big fan of The Fast and the Furious but I’m enjoying this game to the max! I particularly like the way I can tune up my car and the miriad of options available for this purpose. If I compare the car I’ve started with (standard right out of the factory sportscar), with the one I have now (halfway through the game) it really shows! All the cool mod stuff is there except audio equipment. Speaking of which the soundtrack is excellent! But I prefer turning it off so I can hear the sexy sounds the turbocharger makes when I’m changing speeds.

The nitro is there too, of course. What would a game like this be without nitro? Drag mode really makes my head spin giving such a great feeling of mad speed. And then my favorite section: drifting. Where scoring is based on the time your rear wheels spend, well, drifting… The game is as far from a simulator as The Fast and the Furious is from reality but this is exactly why it’s so much fun playing it.

Great game.