The madness is almost over

Christmas. As it came so it went. Fast.

I made the tree (I consider this one of the most pleasant jobs I have to do yearly). I gave presents. I received presents. Generally it felt wonderful. Not as on any of the last Christmases, when I was usually really depressed. Well, this is only one of the many advantages of having a girlfriend. ;-)

The end of the whole Christmas thing was marked by a bangin’ party yesterday night. It was DJ Optick at the decks at Baia Mare’s Blu’ Gin Club and the vibe was excellent. More than excellent in fact, it was euphoric… Or at least so it felt to me. Alcohol had it’s share but it was still a great party. He guided us through all kinds of trance, even a few breakbeat tunes and he was very close to the public. No star attitude only a fantastic vibe that got into all of us there. Well, wow!, what a great way to end a great holiday.

But as Christmas went away everybody in my circle of friends turned his attention over to the New Year’s Eve party. Which I hope will turn out nice. But it can’t really turn out bad, because I’m talking about two nights of great music in our favorite club. So it MUST turn out nice. I hope I won’t drink too much on the first night so that I’ll be a waste on the second. But it really depends on the atmosphere there.

Let’s wait and see…

Top 5 weird search phrases

It’s always somehow funny to study your personal site’s statistics. For example I found some weirdness looking at the list of 148 different keyphrases visitors typed in a search engine before reaching my blog’s pages in December. Of course the leading one was the seasonal “Christmas thoughts” which leads to a relevant entry (what a surprise!) discussing last year’s pre-Christmas madness. Well, for me it looked like it was at least two times bigger this year! The funny thing is, that as the time of writing this, my Christmas thoughts page shows up as a result on page 8 of the Google query but it still received a serious amount of visits.

But let’s get back to the topic of this post. Here come the top five weirdest / funniest keyphrases:

  • 5. "how is raining happen" - I have a slight ideea because I sometimes open an issue of Geo or National Geographic and I attended some geography / national sciences classes while I was, you know, going to school. Basically water evaporates and... Ahm. Go get a school book or something!
  • 4. "mc trigga windows media player" - Hey! Trigga is Cosmin. He's my friend! And he's a Romanian drum'n'bass DJ! He's no MC. At least not here. And for crying out loud what does he have to do with Windows Media Player???
  • 3. "baia mare girls sex" - Uh? Who? Where? Show me! This is where listing an entry on "Sex and the City" and one on DuBase's visit to Baia Mare can lead...
  • 2. "name my new year's party" - I haven't got the slightest ideea dude!
  • 1. "how to do gang handshakes in chicago" - Wait... Let me remember. Well, no. Sorry. I don't know. What? No. No. Please don't shoot me!

Geeky, but funny!

Merry Christmas!

I wish to all who read this message the warmest and merriest Christmas of them all. Have a nice Holiday Season friends…

UPDATE: Oh yeah, one of my favorite Christmas songs is The Pogues’s Fairytale Of New York performed with Kirsty MacColl (who unfortunately passed away in December 2000, RIP)… Alongside Dream Theather’s Falling Into Infinity album and a bunch of others I can’t remember now. Let me finish by quoting part of the Pogues song’s lyrics:

You scum bag
You maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God
It’s our last

Yep, it’s a little raw! But still, Merry Christmas everyone!

Winamp 5 finally out

As I already mentioned I really love Winamp 5. I loved it in it’s beta phase, I downloaded two release candidates and it looks like the final version 5 is out. The new skins are pretty slick too. So I’m getting a few of them.

I hope that it works now with mp3cue. Because the first beta I got didn’t and so I uninstalled mp3cue back then and I was lazy to put it back since then. Well, I’ll have to try.

Oh, and the Winamp site got a new design.

Mario caught!

So, finally, Saddam Hussein has been caught, hiding under the ground near his hometown Tikrit! After having shaved off his beard, he looked suspiciously alot like Mario in the well-known Super Mario Brothers video games. Anyway, as the hunt for one of the worlds cruelest dictators is finally over, the hunt continues for Luigi bin laden.

[ Original source unknown, found on the UrbanLog Liner. ]