Starting MySQL at boot time on a Cobalt RaQ 550

Well, my client started renting a Cobalt RaQ 550 server, and yesterday night he passed me the access coordinates for it. Great! I was eager to see the new toy. This means I wanted to see a console window… But for geeks this is a satisfaction anyway.

The first problem at hand was that by default MySQL was not running. And the first thing we want to do is to transfer all of my client’s current sites to this new server and as all the sites are dynamic (as in: based on PHP and MySQL) getting MySQL to run, and more specifically, getting the MySQL server to start automatically at boot time was of primary importance. After scoring the net I found this guide but I wasn’t really interested in installing or upgrading MySQL, I just needed it to start at boot time. But thankfully the last part of the guide described exactly how to accomplish this.

First, to be able to perform all the administration tasks, I needed to be root:

su - root

Then, let’s see where the MySQL server’s start script resides on our server:

locate mysql.server

The answer came quick. On my appliance it was hiding in: /usr/share/mysql/mysql.server

OK, time to make it start at boot. The following commands will asure this will happen (please don’t forget to replace /usr/share/mysql/mysql.server in the copy statement on the first line below with the path where your mysql.server resides):

cp /usr/share/mysql/mysql.server /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql

chmod +x /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql

ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S90mysql</code>

Now, let’s test it to see if it works:

/etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S90mysql start

mysqladmin version</code>

It does? Cool! Just a few more things and we’re done. Reboot the appliance from the web admin interface and then log in and check if MySQL really started up at boot time by issuing the mysqladmin version command again. If everything is working fine it’s time to change the root password for your MySQL installation with (replace new-password in the command below with the new password of your choice):

mysqladmin -u root password new-password

Please, if this miniguide has was helpful to you, leave a comment. If there’s an error in it also leave a comment so I can correct it. If you made it work differently please describe how you did it. As I’m an occasional Linux user I can’t by far guarantee that my way was the best way to do it.

Freakin' cats

I don’t know how many times a year cats have their crazy times. But to me it always looks like they never even finished the last one and are starting the next one. Now for example they surely are in season. And since I have three cats I’m burning incense sticks in my room again. And why’s that? Because of the smell of cat piss that comes down from the attic.

The attic! Aka the playground. Or should I say the arena? Because what did I hear all night? Sounds of fights. Sounds of upturned things. Sounds of running around. And of lots of angry meows of course. I should really go and seal down the outside entrance to the attic because this smell is a little overwhelming. A little?

UPDATE: I went up and first unleashed the dog for a short hunt so one of the cats escaped (getting kicked in it’s side when he passed me, as a bonus) and then sealed the entrance. Locking two additional foreign cats up there. Hehe. At least they’ll starve a little and so will have other problems bothering their small minds than pissing all over the place to mark their fuckin’ territory. Gr!

This winter BLOWS!

Well, compared to the last one when I was praying for more snow to be able to go boarding this winter really sucks. I mean there was no real amount of snow until now and now when there are finally some precipitations of course the temperature has to be 3°C. So… It’s raining. Heavily. And it’s more than ugly outside. It surely looks like the start of spring, not the middle of January.

Lately (last years) the weather has been really fucked up. I mean, there’s winter, then spring starts shyly and then in a week it’s summer! We’re getting accustomed with 20°C temperature climbs or droppings within the interval of a week. Things like this begin to look normal. But they’re not. They’re definitely not.

We’re messing with Mother Nature, now She’s beginning to mess with us… And it’s not a cute thing.

A week of packages (Part 2 - iPod)

Wednesday, I finally succeded concluding a deal with a guy from Galati so he sent a package which I received Thursday. It contained a second hand iPod. The mother of all gadgets. The über MP3 player. The coolest thing since sliced bread… The guy who brought it couldn’t manage to separate the paper containing the receipt from the package so he had to rip it open. This gave me the oportunity to have a look at it while on my way home. Neat device, a little thicker than i thought it would be.

The iPod in my hand (backlight off)

I got home, plugged the earphones in and pressed the menu button. Uuuh, nice lighting. About 5 seconds passed and it warned me about the battery status. I ignored the message and started a tune from which I heard about two seconds and the battery died. Hmmm. Sat down. Had a better look at it. The back was scratched. But the display looked surprisingly good. I had to get some power into it. Picked up the phone and called a friend to ask about a FireWire card. He knew someone so I got online and chatted with the guy on Yahoo Messenger. He said he would bring me the Pinnacle card that night. It was around 2 PM… To pass the time I played and finished Call of Duty (what an excellent game!) and the night slowly came. I met the guy at the bus station, went around his place for the drivers. Rushed home and after waiting a while for the card to heat up to room temperature (there were -10°C outside) I plugged it into my ‘puter and started up. To no avail. My mainboard started making some ambulance like sounds. It booted up after a while but it wouldn’t want to load Windows. Dang! I fiddled with it about 3 hours and did everything that came into my mind including cleaning the contacts on the PCI card with alcohol and removing each and every other card (except the video card of course) and leaving it alone in my computer… Still nothing. I went to sleep upset. In the morning I thought: OK, one more try. And it worked!

So I plugged the iPod in. And since then the fun started. I can only say one thing: it is the one thing I bought that satisfies me the most.

A week of packages (Part 1 - Threadless)

The two packages

Yup. Packages. Inbound and outbound.

First, Tuesday it was time for me to go and pick up the tees I (we) received from Threadless. It’s a wonder really that they ship to Romania and the prices aren’t high either, not like in some other shops (including Amazon) which even if they have low prices on the items offered, demand a fairly high handling and shipping price. At Threadless this is $5 per t-shirt which is nothing really. And we ordered while the prices of the tees were reduced to $10 instead of $15, so $15 / tee including shipping really isn’t much.

The t-shirts themselves are wonderful. They’re printed on Fruit of the Loom. And the prints are highly original and limited edition.

We (3 friends and myself) ordered 10 tees which came in two packages. I stood in the line for more than half an hour because the Romanian Postal Service’s international package handling is “outstanding” (this means that you can pick up your package once a week in a 3 hour interval, at least here in Baia Mare). But I got there and picked up the two huge envelopes and this time there was no cutting by the customs officer or anything. It seems they trusted me that I haven’t ordered joints… Or maybe they have records and saw that I already received a package from Threadless and it was “clean”.

Personally I got the Follow It girly tee for, well yeah, my girlfriend (it’s her birthday soon!) and the Brainwashed one for myself. Can’t wait for the summer!