Baaah, boooring

Sitting in front of my computer. Clicking this and that while banging the speakers with Tom Middleton’s remix of Rob Dougan’s Clubbed to Death.

OK, OK, but what’s wrong with that? Nothing really, just the small fact that it’s Saturday night. It’s so ugly when your favourite club closes. Favourite is in fact a bit too much to say, but having no place cool to go out during the weekend is a completely different story.

Spending Saturday night on the Net can be really depressing for me… Well, time to log into Yahoo! Messenger and see who’s online…

Let's fly away!

And there’s one more thing I can barely wait for. And this one is much more entertainment oriented: a Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro joystick.

I always loved sims. I even played Microsoft Train Simulator for long winter hours even if everybody I knew said that it’s the most boring game they ever saw. I suppose I like these kind of games because I love everything that’s technology. I remember that being a kid I spent hours watching an excavator digging or a working crane, getting some good scares out of my Grandma as she had no ideea where I am. Even nowadays trains fascinate me and I never got too close to see a real airplane but I’m sure my jaw would drop and I’d spend quite some time examining it. Taking me to an air parade would be dangerous! I don’t really think we have real air parades in Romania, but I might be mistaken…

I also remember a few years back when I borrowed a simple joystick and tried it out with Comanche. I was hooked for days which I spent sneaking behind hills, only raising the heli to drop a Hellfire or two on the enemy tanks and structures trying to accomplish next to impossible missions. I still have the memory that I had a great time back then.

And now I can barely wait for this highly acclaimed joystick to arrive so I can climb into the cockpit of brand new digitally rendered airplanes. And the sad fact is that it should be here by now if I weren’t sleeping yesterday when they called from to confirm the order. So now I have to wait until next week. Argh!

Digital camera upgrade

No. I can’t really stop doing this. Namely, I can’t stop buying myself stuff. Electronic stuff. Also known as gadgets. So, let’s see what’s in the bag.

After getting that absolutely gorgeous iPod which I just can’t leave at home wherever I go, I finalized a quite good deal to upgrade my Canon digital camera. I have the stone age old PowerShot A20 which was discontinued a month or two after I bought it so I was enviously looking at the new features that the A40 had. Now this model also got discontinued and the top of the line is the A80 with it’s 4 (!!!) megapixels. But I don’t need that much. In fact I don’t need 3 megapixels. And, as I think of it I don’t even need the 2 I have available because most of the time I keep my camera set to 1024 x 768 switching it to 1600 x 1200 only if I take a landscape shot or if I’m photographing some other really important thing. But most of the time 1024 x 768 is sufficient for me. That’s why I have decided to go for the Canon PowerShot A60. It’s got better AiAF (Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus) than the A40 which at it’s turn is better than the A20. The Movie mode should also come in handy to make those funny moments everlasting. And last but not least it looks a lot sleeker than the A20. The guy who’s selling it should send it on Monday so I should have on on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can barely wait to put my fingers on it. Yayks!

Cold days

Not much happening. I should learn but I don’t. Exams come and go. Some I take. Some not. I should work but I don’t. Projects are on hold.

But each day is a boarding day to fully celebrate and bow before the Almighty Winter! And I just purely love every small hour, every little minute and every tiny second I spend on the slopes. That feeling, whoa! Too bad it’s getting dark kind of quick and I (we in fact, as most of the time I go with a friend) have to hurry down from the woods. So the fun lasts only for 2 or 3 hours each day. But it’s fun. Lots of fun!

Some winter pics

Baia Sprie is down in the fog Jumping! Riding smoothly

As I already mentioned, I was out snowboarding with my friend Mircea, and he took some pics with me on my board. So, here I am jumping on a quite steep hill and later that day I’m riding down a smooth hill (yes, I’m kind of small in this pic). When I took the camera in my hand I quickly snapped a photo of the mountains and hills around my town (Baia Sprie, or Felsöbánya if you wish, in the north-western part of Romania). The fog down in the valley completely covers the town… I really like this pic and the first pic (the one with me jumping) was the first photo ever containing me I set as a desktop wallpaper.