Can't wait for the next round!

Panorama of the slope at Cavnic

And so, each and every weekend became a much expected one…

Oscar night!

I know what I’ll be watching tonight! And I hope I’ll be able to record everything as I spent most of the afternoon clearing out one of my partitions and so there are now 15 free gigs waiting for the show! Thank God for digital satellite.

My music. My MP3s. My iPod

I observed lately that I actually like it when I miss the bus. Or some other event happens that keeps me longer out in the town on my own. As long as I have my iPod with me. Charged. I feel like 11th grade all over again because that was when I bought my first but feature packed GoldStar (LG) walkman and almost everyone knew me as “that guy with the earbuds”.

It’s so good to have a big part (20 gigs is more than enough for me, thank you) of your music collection with you almost all the time. I can almost always find something suitable to listen. What I want to listen at a given moment depends a lot, but tests have proven that there’s music on it for every mood. Along with the latest stuff (read MP3s) I put my paws on and all my past and actual favourites. And when I remember a tune which I would listen to but is not on it I upload it fast as soon as I get home. The iPod attracts lots of glances when you take it out of your pocket to fiddle with it and even more glances if this happens in the evening and the backlight comes up, but I tend to control myself while on the bus or other “dangerous” places, or at least I look around before doing this as I don’t want to be left without it and with a crack on my head. Well, Romania…

I feel great owning an Apple product because it’s so stylish and intuitive that I can’t really stop wondering everytime I take it in my hands. The only downside of the player is that none of my friends or acquaintances have FireWire ports on their computer and such I can’t use it as a portable harddrive. And I would surely like to! But well, in a Windows PC world you’re better off buying an USB 2.0 based device but then you’ll be missing all that legendary Apple cool and the HUGE 3rd party software base that the iPod has…

I got one more problem with it and it’s quite a big one. I bought it second hand (or third, fourth or I don’t know) and it’s battery is slowly but surely dying on me. But I think I found a solution via a friend of a friend who lives in the US and will come to visit Romania soon. I think I’ll ask him to get me a battery as almost none of the shops which sell it ship to my country and those who do apply horrific shipping charges…

Until then, I’ll keep on listening! :-)

Sharpreader update

While downloading it I thought I’d post this. The latest Sharpreader (my choice for a Windows news aggregator) is now version Judging from the upgrade notes the greatest news is that it supports ATOM feeds now. That’s a noteworthy feature I actually mailed Mr. Hutteman about. Got no answer but that’s not really a problem since it’s now done. I’ll discover the rest of the included goodies after the download is done.

No encore

Unfortunately there was no snowboarding action today as I expected yesterday. I found out about this late yesterday night, when the guy I was going with said he’s got something else to do today, so I decided that instead of resting I’ll join my girlfriend and visit an event called “Boarder’s Party” in Baia Mare’s main club. It turned out to be an OK party with good music and nice people. In spite of sitting most of the time, because all my muscles and bones and whatever else is inside me hurt badly (12 rounds is well over my usual threshold), I met lots of friends there and found out that the follow-up to last year’s big air competition will be held on the 13th of March. Wooo! Wooo! Can’t wait for it! Time to snap some fine pics.