Horrific images

I’m watching EuroNews and the images are more than awful. I have a cousin living and working in Madrid and my aunt (his mother) called him today. He and his girlfriend are fine but he said that they have an acquintance in the hospital.



It was cool to find my pictures from last year’s Big Air Competition @ Mogosa on a site. It means they’re appreciated. Or there were no other pictures to choose from. But it’s fairly uncool that I found them accidentally. As in: they haven’t asked for my permission to publish them, probably because they had no ideea who shot them.

Still? What can I do? Well, maybe I’ll be a little more careful this year and won’t distribute them to almost everyone as I did last year. Ehehe. Evil thoughts…

UPDATE: Issue solved by sending a private message to the site’s administrator. Now I’m credited and I feel a lot better.

Snowboarding my PS2

There was nothing in the mailbox today. I thought my copy of SSX 3 would arrive today but it looks like I’ll have to wait until Monday.

Ratchet & Clank Platinum cover Wow, it’s so hard! From the moment I ordered the game I entered a state that resembles that of a kid’s before Christmas. I shelled out an awful amount of money for it so I hope it will at least live up to my expectations. But judging from the raving reviews it got I think it will. Ratchet & Clank, the previous game I bought for the PS2 turned out to be incredible fun. And I bought that one judging from the reviews I read and TV presentations I saw. And because it had a special low price at Diverta Online, hehe.

I also ordered a DMS3 modchip for my beloved second hand console. So I’ll be able to play backed up games (not necessarily backed up by me) and play DivX movies on my TV. I got scared when I looked at the installation guide for the modchip. So many small soldering points… But I think I’ll let someone with more experience install it. Someone who already modded PS2-s. And I’m also waiting for an EZ Flash linker for my GameBoy Advance.

It seems like I’m looking forward for some serious gaming. God, when will I find time to do some work? And what about going to school? Uhoh!

It can't really get any better than this!

I’m sitting in front of my computer, catching up with one favourite blog while listening to the latest and greatest Thinner release. Did I ever mentioned that I purely love the music that comes out on Thinner? Oh yes, I did.

Today’s accomplishments? Well, 18 rounds of riding down my favourite mountain. And then laying lazily in bed watching Sliders and Startgate while munching popcorn.

What? It’s Saturday night? Well, I don’t regret one bit that I’m not going out tonight. I’m almost paralized anyway. A little too much effort over my usual standards and besides I haven’t slept after coming home, as I usually do, because I couldn’t. Reason? Pepsi Lemon. Lots of Pepsi Lemon.

But anyway, this was one great day!

El grande blooper

A quote from the Diverta Online newsletter I received yesterday (translated):

[…] The motion picture based on the book “Cold Mountain” (shot in Romania) won the Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role - Nicole Kidman

Well, paying a short visit to the official site of the 76th Annual Academy Awards and following the link leading to the winners list proves that the ‘Send Newsletter’ button was pushed in a hurry somewhere in Bucharest. The actual winner for Actress in a Leading Role is Charlize Theron for Monster and the winner for Actress in a Supporting Role is Renée Zellweger for Cold Mountain.

Conclusion? Don’t send out newsletters containing infos based on bits you remember from last night when you watched that Oscar show but in the meantime had some beers with your friends…