My new iPod battery rules. STOP. It lasts a lot. STOP. My C: partition went to the moon today. STOP. Thank God for Norton Ghost. STOP. My new Garfield themed phone cover rules. STOP. As of today I’m the proud owner of a spankin’ new Teac DVD writer. STOP. Which also… rules. STOP.

To Cluj and back

I was out for the very end of last weekend and the start of this week. I had a thought on Sunday afternoon and the next thing was that I climbed the bus and I was on my way to Cluj-Napoca. I had a lovely girlfriend and an iPod battery waiting for me after all. And boy, we had some great fun these days!

We walked around the town a lot so I took some pictures as I realized that even though I visited Cluj probably a million times I have almost no pictures of the town itself. Haven’t shot that many pictures this time either and even fewer made it to my gallery but I promised myself that from now on I’ll dedicate some space on my compact flash card for the picutres of the towns I visit themselves. Also shot some pics in Insomnia, a bar which impressed me a lot.

Saw a movie. And not any movie, a Jack Nicholson movie! If I had to rate it I’d rate Something’s Gotta Give at about 8 or 8.5 out of 10. Nice movie but a little long for my taste. Nicholson plays well, Keaton plays even better and Amanda Peet is simply lovely as usual. If I’d be a woman I’d surely voice my opionion about Keanu Reeves but as I’m not I’ll simply say that he was OK. This movie was a first for me as I never been to a movie theater which featured surround sound before…

We visited a reptile expo and I’m sure that if I sum all the snakes I saw in my life I would get the one-fifth of the number I saw there. It was scary. And yukky. But none the less very interesting and entertaining! The expo also featured some lizard class creatures and two monkeys which we watched for several minutes and never got bored of them.

The bar of choice was Zorro (spent one of the three nights there) even if it’s a rock bar (?) and the dining place of choice was Speed (they have one great shaorma!). Got my iPod battery. I is very happy!

SSX 3 game footage & Deekline live at Timisoara

Lately I uploaded some video content for friends and forum buddies and I thought that since I made kind of an effort to upload them (dial-up, as we all know, purely rules!) I should make them publicly available. So here they are:

  • Here's me zapping with Kaori through the R&B track in SSX3 - DivX 5 - 3.15 MB
  • Deekline (Rat Recordings, UK) is throwing some insane beats and people are cheering accordingly at the Evolution club in Timisoara - DivX 3.1 - 2.52 MB
  • The same insane party as above and this time the crowd goes wild with Rennie Pilgrem's London Voodoo - DivX 3.1 - 974 kB

The sound quality sucks for both of the party clips but at least I learned that when I’m filming in clubs I should probably cover the mic on the PowerShot with my finger to attenuate the sound level…

Not much going on...

Really. My life turned quite boring… My schedule turned upside down: sleeping during the day, awake through the night. As a direct result I’m obviously not attending school as I should. I received my DMS3 modchip but when I saw the size of the points I’m supposed to solder it to I chickened out. I think I’ll take my PS2 to Timisoara and have a so called ‘pro’ mod it. Yes, this weekend I’m off to the lovely Timisoara. In fact I’ll go to Cluj first (on Thursday) and then Timisoara. That’ll be nice for a change.

What else? Future Prophecies’ Miriamba is great and Black Sun Empire’s Driving Insane LP is nice too. The winners for this year’s Bloggies are out, I left a (hopefully) helpful comment over at scriptygoddess and there’s some work in progress on my gallery section.

The X day

X-Men - Az X csomag

I put my paws on a box set featuring both X-Men and X-Men 2 (aka X2) and I sat down today (that’s yesterday in blog time) intending to watch them. And it took some time because two movies equals two discs with the motion pictures themselves plus two discs containing the extras for each of them. The movies are pretty good (especially in their league) but the extra disc for X2 really blew me away with its impressive amount of 4 hours of related material beside the two audio commentaries on the movie disc itself. From the birth of the movie to the post production including in depth coverage of the special effects, costumes, music, concept art galleries, trailers and many many more… Some serious candy for the movie fan in me! It took some time but I checked it all out.

As I said the movies themselves weren’t bad either the sequel being the better one of the two in my opinion. Of course that seeing all those extras elevate the movies in my eyes because there’s obviously a tremendous amount of work packed into them.

I recently saw Lost in Translation and I can say I liked that one too. It wasn’t an earthshaker but it’s a very enjoyable movie even if it doesn’t have any action or a specific plot. But Sofia manages to keep the viewer watching with interest until the almost obvious ending which features that famous whisper (famous for those of us who have been watching the Oscar night). Very nice melancholic movie.