One year older

Yes. It’s that day. That comes once a year. My birthday.

It looks like I’m on this oh-so-strange planet since 25 years… Will try to party today to forget misery.

Oh, now that sucks!

Open the Romanian Commercial Bank’s webpage in anything but Internet Explorer. Surprise! Nicely done boys.

We had a visitor today


Father claims this is a not the first time. So it looks like it lives in one of the nearby gardens and was making some funny noises all the time I took the photos. And then got bored and moved to the next garden showcasing some incredible acrobatic techniques.

Anyway, squirrels earned my long time respect since I found the meanest squirrel of the Internet!

Way to go RDS!

Wow. Nice! It looks like messages arrive in my RDSLink email account with an average delay of 4 hours. That’s cool. Really cool. That’s the definitive sign of a truly proffesional ISP. As a hint: they’d better hire some proffesionals to do server administration or call them back from that extended Easter holiday break.

Waitec HipHop - Sold!

Yep! I finally sold my good ol’ MP3 player.

“Good ol”? Old maybe, because it was mine since more than a year or something but I can’t say it was good. I remember that I saw it on the Flamingo e-shop back in the summer of 2002 and I had a sudden urge to buy it. Big mistake. Very big mistake! In fact it was the biggest mistake I ever made regarding the purchase of a gadget. The overall quality of the player was rather disappointing. I’m not going to list all the things I didn’t like about it because I can’t remember all of them but sluggish operation speed, random skipping and the general background noise were the main factors that made me return to my trusty old Sony MiniDisc (which I also recently sold, I mean exchanged for a videocard and some cash) only after a month or so of using the MP3 player. Since then the Waitec was playing CDs in friends’ pockets and when I saw I had a possible buyer on I sounded the alarms. After much convincing and praising (no lying though) I managed to sell it to a guy in Bucharest. Today I received the 3.000.000 leis. I feel very bad when I think about the fact that I bought it for 8 million and some but the good thing is I finally managed to sell it. Wheee!

Oh. And if you’re ever wondering: DON’T BUY A WAITEC HIPHOP.