Positive feedback

Today I received the first feedback email from a person completely unknown to me who told me that he reads these babblings regularly. Well, what can I say other than this one email really put a big smile on my face.

I’ve been asked if I plan posting in Romanian or Hungarian and I answered that I don’t know. Because I really don’t know. First of all I should at least give a final form to this site before I even start thinking about stuff like that. All those unfinished sections are bad to look at…

Anyway, thanks for your kind words Gabriel.

One funny photo

Meet Bodri! When you practice photography on an amateur level or as a hobby every once in a while you manage to snap a photo that’s special in some way. I succeeded yesterday and almost accidentally shot a really funny one. I was out in the garden trying to photograph the signs of spring namely the blooming flowers on the peach trees and magnolia flowers and then I approached the “house guard” dog. And as he tried to smell the camera I pressed the shutter button. You can see the result on the left. I think it’s at least hilarious. :-)

Romanian export music

It’s not really Romanian but… My French partner mentioned that he saw a Romanian music CD in heavy promotion at one of the music shops he visited in his hometown. And it comes as no surprise to me either as I listen NRJ quite a lot when I’m working as I am lazy to build new playlists in Winamp each hour or so. And I heard the O-Zone tune being advertised and they even mentioned that it’s the original version with the Romanian lyrics.

What can I say? Although last year most Romanians (me included) heard the song until they head nearly exploded as it was pouring from remotely EVERYWHERE it’s still a catchy one and what proves this better than the fact that it made it to Western Europe. And not only made it, but it’s a hit out there too. Wow! Or was it an efficient marketing campaign?

Yayaheee - Yayahooo!

Re-building a computer

Some weeks ago I got the sudden idea that since my girlfriend needs a computer (she’s finishing her university years and anyway who doesn’t need a computer nowadays?) and since I had a spare case lying around, a not so spare 40G hard drive sitting in my computer as a slave and a pending deal with a friend for an ATI All-In-Wonder for my old MiniDisc player I thought I’ll build her a cute little ‘puter.

Which I did. I checked the price lists at UltraPro Computers and after a little searching for reviews on the Internet and some talking with friends I decided to get an Epox EP-8RDA3I motherboard, a 1600MHz AMD Duron CPU and 256 megs of RAM for a smooth Windows XP experience. I decided for the Epox motherboard because I have another Epox and it worked absolutely flawlessly until now. But after buying the new motherboard and seeing the few cool new features the 8RDA3I had over mine (EP-8RDA) I decided for a switch. So I gutted my computer, took out my MB and put it back in the old case with the brand new 1600 MHz CPU on it. I put the new MB in my computer and put my more powerful CPU on it. Also did a cooler switch because the new cooler was, well, simply cooler. :-)

What I noticed was that my old cooler sometimes got stuck when I started the computer. Probably because of the dust that accumulated on it over the time. And if me as the computer nerd I am always noticed this looking at the boot screen I doubted my girlfriend would notice it and even if I set the emergency shut down temperature to a quite low value I wasn’t satisfied. So I called the guy I bought my MB, cooler and CPU from back last year and told him the situation. And he was nice enough to visit me and give me a new cooler in exchange for the old defective one. Wow. I’m now an officially satisfied customer and now Ioana has a cool little computer that’s working perfectly in my 4 year old case. And it’s also a TV!

Oh, I HATE this country

The extended story: I want to switch to an Orange subscription or service plan. 3 years of prepaid cards (first Connex than lately Orange) was quite enough, thank you. When I saw sometime last year that I have to bring some official paper before signing that service plan deal I was a little disappointed and forgot all about it for a while. When you have to get an official paper for something in Romania you get quite scared. Because those can be VERY HARD to obtain. Then sometime later I remembered again, remembered about the paper, got scared again, forgot again. Some of these days I remembered and yesterday I started out quite convinced that, yes, today I’ll have the subscription, no matter what. Searched with my mother for the required paper and found something dated 1979. Hmmm, I never thought that would be OK but nevertheless I tried.

I went down to Baia Mare and entered the biggest shop that sells Orange stuff. Of course, the paper wasn’t right, they said I have to come back with one dated from the very day I want to get the subscription itself. And I also found out that I have to make a 50$ bank deposit since my cute little town is “restricted” due to the considerable amount of frauds related to subscriptions. Cool. No problem, I thought, I’ll make it just give me that damn subscription already. Although I don’t understand just why aren’t they happy that you’re giving them the money and that’s that. No, you always have to get some freakin’ papers.

Anyway, I woke up early today to get that official paper attesting that I live in this house I’m typing this from. I went down happily that whooohooo I’ll have email through GPRS today. Not so fast boy! Have you forgotten the small fact that you live in Romania? Turns out I can only get that paper on mondays from 8 to 10 AM. Wow! Cool. I don’t know why not today, guess there were too busy drinking coffee and talking about bullshit as I saw they did.

Lesson learned: when you want to get something in Romania and an official paper is involved never start out with the thought that yes, you’ll have that today. Because you won’t. They hold on those papers tighter than to their drowning kids I think. And you can only get them on certain days at certain hours after you wait for all those who “know someone” at the office where you go to get their stuff first. Because that’s how it works. If you “know” the right persons you can get everything presto. Pretty cool. Not.