T Six Ten

Since almost a week I’m the proud owner of a Sony Ericsson T610 (pronounced t-six-ten) mobile phone and all I can say is that I’m truly impressed! This phone is purely fantastic! The features are what I call exhaustive: integrated camera (not so useful, but oh well), 65k colour screen, GPRS with XHTML compatible browser and integrated email client, MMS, polyphonic ringtones, Java and Mophun support, Bluetooth, IrDA, 2 megabytes of user memory (ready for my pics, themes, applications & games) plus memory for 100 SMS-es and 510 contacts… Enough? And all this packed in a 10 by 4 cm extra stylish case.

Sony Ericsson T610 For the moment I can say that I really discovered the email client (email through GPRS, for 2 bucks a megabyte but that results in only 2 cents for an email sending + check which is waaay cheaper than an SMS) and the customization options after getting myself an USB IrDA adapter yesterday. Initially I bought a Bluetooth adapter last week and although it’s a lot nicer than IrDA it wasn’t recognized by my computer and so I returned it quick to Germanos. It looks like that unit was defective and yesterday when I brought my old Nokia to a GSM repair shop to update it’s software I saw the IrDA and thought that I would probably be better off with an infrared adapter since I have the Nokia 8310 and the Palm m500 which both fancy infrared. So I got it. And a new era started! I no longer have to ponder what theme to download through costy WAP: two clicks and it’s on the phone, whatever it is. Now as you can see Nemo and Dory dominate my phone’s desktop but I have Garfield and Futurama close at hand. What I can’t show are the ringtones… But some of those sound absolutely wonderful! Anyway, if you’re the owner of a T610, and you’re into the customization of your phone (and who’s not?) myt610.net is your best friend!

It was a little hard to adapt from the Nokia but I’m begining to get used to it. To tell the truth I’m a little lost with the new gadget and the tons of features it’s got and that’s why I delayed posting about it thinking that I’ll get on with it, but it didn’t happen yet. I’m still amazed and I’m sure I’ll be for a long time… And I’m sure I’ll post more about it in the near future. Because it’s a truly wonderful phone!

That legendary RDS quality

OK. Lately I must try to send a mail at least 5 or 6 times until my e-mail client finally succeeds connecting to the RDS SMTP server. I don’t know, but is it that hard to keep that damn mail server in a fair shape? Since 2 or 3 months there are constant problems with it. Earlier I received everything with a huge delay and nowadays I can’t even send. I don’t want to bash them constantly or something but the inability to send and receive e-mail is really annoying since it’s one of the basic and most used features this Internet thingie offers…

Party with DJ Sylvie

After all that eating it was time for a real party! With some real people. And a real DJ. Or DJess. As you wish.

DJ Sylvie doing her thing I know I’ll say a cliche but she lifted us high and kept us there for a while. Too bad every party has to end because sometimes you wish for the opposite so badly… But at least my party portofolio includes another nice experience. And when I think about the fact that I hardly wanted to go because I was tired of all that eating, mountain climbing and descending… But thanks to a certain girl’s convincing power I went. And I don’t regret the decision for a second because I had a such greeeat time and from the moment I arrived in the disco I felt no sign of tiredness only euphoria and party hunger. :-) A perfect way to end a perfect day. Yay!

Here’s a short video clip with one of the glory moments. I watched it at least 20 times and every time it gave me the goosebumps. So nice…

The official May 1st food fest!

Well. It was Saturday, it was the 1st of May and exactly as last year we celebrated food. Not wanting to differ one bit from the picnic of the past year as it turned out wonderfully then, we went to the exact same place. The persons involved were a little different but the feeling was generally the same. In a nutshell: up the mountain - lay down and breathe heavily once we were up - prepare fire - cook and drool while inhaling that smell - finally eat - lay around with a full tummy watching our idiot friends doing some Jackassish pogo thing and holding our stomachs because they hurt after so much laughing. For a moment there I had the feeling it was ‘69 and I was at Woodstock. Not that I was born or something back then… :-)

The only bad thing was that in the end we had to carry the trash down the mountain and there weren’t too many candidates for this job but I managed to forcibly involve some persons other than my girlfriend and myself. We left a clean spot after us only leaving some food remnants and as we sat right under the woods I think animals had no problems finding their way…

Die motherfucker, die!

Some asswipe posted about 50 comments leading to a hive of ghost sites linking each other and opening popups with casino sites. He was using an interesting technique or there were several persons involved because the spam comments just kept coming and coming and MT-Blacklist was of no real use. So I ended up renaming my mt-comments.cgi and banning about 10 IP addresses until I figure out a way to block these scumbags.

If you read this you can bite me suckers!

UPDATE I think I succeeded in banning the whole hive of addresses this sucker created. So mt-comments.cgi is back in place. Comment away!