Still breathing

Yes, I’m still here and I feel really guilty because people who I read are linking me and I’m not posting anything. And the front page looks really empty and sad without posts.

This summer didn’t turn out as I wanted to. Not the least. Because at this moment it doesn’t look like I’ll be going on any holidays in the near future, I’m basically doomed to sit and work in this overheated appartment for the rest of this summer. And I really-really want some holiday. A break. No work. Some fresh air, water and a bathing suit…

I really wanted to go to the Peninsula aka Félsziget festival but when I was about to go a quick check of my budget revealed that I don’t have enough money for this kind of fun and further more some additional problems popped up that kept me from going. I was sad and mad and every other negative adjective. And at that moment I realized that I’ll probably spend this summer sitting in front of my computer programming or wasting time on the Internet, or doing whatever.



Work. Work. Work. And more work.

No time to post. No time at all for nothing else than work.

I’m going to Cluj (now) to take a short brake.

Coming back on Sunday afternoon. Ready to… work.

Gmail, so close yet so far!

I had some luck and saw someone giving away free Gmail invites on a forum. And I actually requested one and the guy said he sent it. But stupid me, I gave a very unstable email account for the contact address because it’s a rather public forum (a newsgroup in fact) and that account is full of spam anyway. But now, just to raise my adrenaline level I can’t login to that account.

Heeelp! I’m biting my fingernails off.


OK, the ‘painful’ wait is over and I’m in.

It looks that they’ve piled up a few great ideas there, like the ‘conversation’ concept which lets you view an entire chain of ‘Re, Re, Re’s on one page, the labels which are basically categories for your emails and you can assign more than one label to a specific mail or conversation and obviously the 1 gigabytes of storage space for your emails you get for free. I think because of these features I will start using it alongside my trusty old Yahoo! Mail account which I’m paying for since the begining of this year and which was upgraded recently and nowadays offers 2 gigabytes of storage space for it’s paying members’ emails and my other personal accounts (two on RDS, two on this domain, one on and one on all of which PopTray checks every 10 minutes.

It’s great to test out Gmail and even more so it’s great knowing that I’m doing it before it’s available to the wider public. Although of what I’ve read it shouldn’t take very long now until they’ll start letting people sign-up the usual way. One or two weeks. But still, it’s very very geeky to be able to beta test a service everyone is raving about!

So all you botties out there come and harvest and from now on start sending that spam to janos dot rusiczki at google’s email service dot com.

Yahoo! Mail strikes back!

It’s always great to receive stuff like this in your email:

Dear Yahoo! Mail POP Access and Forwarding Subscriber, Thanks for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user. To show our appreciation, we've expanded your POP Access and Forwarding service to include all the benefits of the improved Yahoo! Mail Plus, at no additional cost. Yahoo! Mail Plus includes:
  • Virus scanning and cleaning provided by Norton AntiVirus™
  • SpamGuard Plus, a personalized spam filtering system
  • No graphical ads
  • No promotional taglines in messages you send
  • Total message size of 10MB, including attachments
  • 2GB of email storage
At the end of your current billing cycle, unless you cancel before that date, your Mail Plus service will auto-renew at $19.99/year. Thanks for using Yahoo! Mail, and we hope you enjoy the additional features now available to you at an even lower price. For more information, please click here. Sincerely, The Yahoo! Mail Team</p>

Holy cowbells! 2 GB of email storage! They hit Google’s G-Mail where it hurts more. It’s true that this feature costs $20 / year on Yahoo! but at least I can sit comfortably knowing that nobody scans my outgoing messages and my inbox is well protected from spam by SpamGuard Plus (wooo, I have to go into the settings and check out all the new features).

And first of all I feel good because I received something for free (and it was about time, since I’m a Yahoo! Mail user since 1998).

300th blog entry

I just wanted to mark this important event. Ummm…

Hehe, not that anyone except me really cares but 300 entries are something… Mostly lots and lots of János’ yakkety - yak. There are 82 comments in the current database (there would be hundreds if I’d approve comment spam but for obvious reasons I choose not to) and many were lost when I migrated from the old domain. The site in its whole averages about 50 unique visitors per day, of which I know about 10 (some personally and some by exchanging emails or talking via various chat proggies).

My constant readers, who I would here like to thank for their visits and interest.