You watch them and you win!

So, why did I say that I like the news on ProTV so much?

The opening titles for the ProTV News Just for the sake of their plain stupidity. Want to eat but you don’t have the money for food? Or do you want to loose some weight quick? No problem, just switch to ProTV at 5 in the afternoon and you’re guaranteed to loose your apetite or even worse. I mean, are those news? They hunt down the filthiest, bloodiest stories just to have some news material to fill that much advertised hour… Or if there’s a lack of accidents and / or crimes don’t panic, there come the banalities! As a random example, is it really a news that should be aired on television that a family had a hornet nest in their home? Or that a stork made a nest a little later or earlier than it was supposed it? I really wished to bring up some more examples but unfortunately my mind fails me. I’m sorry but I just can’t remember such nonsense.

Hmmm. I don’t know where Catalin Radu Tanase is nowadays but he was the best news riporter ever as they always sent him to where the bloodiest and most ugly accidents happened and put him as near to the police marks as they could. And he always pronounced the word ‘blood’ with such enthusiasm that for a while I was suspecting he’s having an orgasm each time he says it. Judging from the latest news he’s probably enjoying he’s honeymoon in pool of blood somewhere. Well, I made up the part about the pool of blood…

Then there was a time when they thought the mosaic news ruled. I mean, what the Hell? Did they really think that viewers enjoyed seeing blurred out images during about one fourth of the time of the news? I mean OK, there came the new law or whatever that made them afraid of showing people’s faces without asking for their consent but come on, they could’ve showed something else. I remember seeing an interview of about a minute in which half of the image was blurred out and the only thing the viewer could see was part of a yellow wall with a nice white wall outlet.

Oh and there were the news which were made into movies. With soundtracks, titles and nice reconstructions of the events. Of course they made movies only from the news that featured the bloodiest and most violent events. And I do like that they never forget to tape the howling mother / father / sister / brother. Just to make absolutely sure that the viewers feel THE PAIN. And then some more blood. And that about concludes it ladies and gentlemen, back to Andreea Esca’s face who’s ready to announce the next horror.

Why do I watch them? The answer lies somewhere along the one to: ‘Why do I visit Entensity’?

Morning TV session

Yesterday night I went to Baia Sprie and I slept over at my parents house. This morning I woke up really early as it was 7:41 when I checked the time right after getting out of the bed. Well, what should I do awake at 8 in the morning? I quickly bagged a few sandwiches because actually it was my empty stomach that woke me up and then I glanced at the TV and reached for the remote…

Tuned in just in time for the ProTV news which I always liked and will always like. But I think I will post another entry about my fascination with ProTV because I don’t want to ruin this one…

Gianina Corondan - Picture shamelessly nabbed from After watching the news most of which were shamelessly recycled from yesterday night, I randomly pressed the channel buttons on the remote searching for something else to watch. And over at the Romanian National Television aka TVR1 I spotted Gianina Corondan presenting a relaxed morning show called ‘Ora G’ (‘The G Hour’). And I don’t know why exactly but I started to watch it. And I had a nice surprise because all in all it was a nice and fresh show and somehow Gianina’s coolness didn’t seem too forced to me as opposed to how I almost shout ‘fakeee!’ when I see other showmen’s performances… Mostly on the Romanian MTV.

I thought this is worthy to write about since it’s quite rare that I found a show that I actually enjoy watching on Romanian television. Not that I’m watching any TV when I’m around my computer in the appartment at Baia Mare.

Game of the year?

Doom 3 Logo “A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporations’ Mars Research Facility leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you struggle with shock and fear as you fight your way to Hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil.”

Doom 3 is coming out tomorrow and it will surely kick some serious ass!

The lost holiday

Oh joy!

Yesterday Ioana and me recovered part of the holiday we never had this summer. As she is stuck in front of her computer because of her looming graduation which is coming to a university near you (if you live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, that is) sometime by the end of this August. And I’m stuck in front of mine with work. Lots of work. I’m just about finished with one project, but I’m already starting another one. And it’s not a small one. We’re both stressed to the max and this is certainly not good. Ugh!

Yesterday was a very nice day though. We woke up early at about 3 in the afternoon (ehem), ate and then headed to Baia Sprie to my parents house. We’ve been caught by the rain just a few meters away from the house but we’ve been caught bad. Our cloathes were soaking wet by the time we reached our destination, but this was the last bad point of the day. After we hung up everything to dry we went to the kitchen and ate the best soup we ate as of late. Father could be called a culinary genius when it comes to Hungarian cuisine and this soup was one of his best. And then it was time for some tasty watermelon of which I can never get enough. In fact I can’t really get enough of any sweet fruit but that’s another story… After our tummies were filled we sat and talked with my parents and then went channel zapping on the TV in my room. When we weren’t watching the TV we went out in the garden and had fun of the cats that were seriously in love. Haha. Than ate some more, this time some corn. And then I caught some zees.

We came back to Baia Mare at about 11 PM and went to the disco (yep, on Sunday night) and it just turned out great because some local dudes were showing off their techno productions which weren’t bad at all. Did some dancing and stuff. After all this we went to Ioana’s place, saw about half of Human Traffic and then we called it a day.

And what a day!

Software love

Picasa Screenshot

Following a post by Gabriel Radic I downloaded Picasa and since then, I’m using it almost exclusively when it comes to browsing my digital photo collection. I basically rediscovered the joy of looking at my photos, the joy I lost after about a year of using my late PowerShot A20…

They say this software resembles iPhoto and I can’t really say whether it does or doesn’t since I never saw iPhoto working, but I can say it’s incredibly smooth and intuitive. It doesn’t have fancy picture editing features (but who needs that when you have Photoshop?) but it’s got all the functions I need when looking at my photos, like rotating the picture or the red-eye reduction (one of the best algorithms I saw).

What can I say? Hello Picasa, and welcome into my life. :-)