1 gmail invite

Gmail invites aren’t so hot anymore as they were, say 2 months ago, but still I have one to spare and I’m willing to give it away to the first who claims it by adding a comment to this entry.

Ride through the ghost town

The Ghost Town

After seeing the great trailers for the really-really promising game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. out of pure curiosity I searched for Chernobyl on Google. And through the cached version of a page on Angelfire I reached a site with pictures made by a biker who made several trips to and through the ghost town and it’s surrounding area.

The pictures and the accompanying text left me absolutely speechless, just staring at the monitor with a knot in my throat…

Here’s the link: Elena’s Motorcyle Ride through Chernobyl.


Ah, as always it turns that the motorcycle ride stuff was complete bullshit and much of the story as well… Ehm, it was a good and emotional read.

Pulse’s post on that forum thread was a worthy read and the panoramic picture he took from the top of the highest building in Pripyat is also worth looking.

What I remember about the accident is that I was a few days older than 7 and I was at my Grandma’s probably playing with the presents I got for my birthday on the 17th and when my mother came over we (my cousin and me) had to take some sweety pills (iodide).

Against the odds

I think I couldn’t find a four leaf clover on a better date. As it’s Friday the 13th today and just as I was leaving my parents house today at around noon, what do I see right next to the gate? Yup!

But I wasn’t selfish. I gave it to my girlfriend as she will soon need a lot more luck than myself… Graduation.

Geek ticket

Bus ticket

It belongs to me and no it’s not Photoshopped. I myself bought it, put it in my pocket, rode the bus, and when I came into the appartment I emptied my pockets as usual. When I saw the number on it my jaw dropped. I guess the chances weren’t so high to get a ticket which such a serial number. So I consider myself lucky, and I safely tucked it away under the keyboard.

I’ll frame it later on. OK, maybe that’s a little too much, but I’ll surely keep it.

Use a browser

Mozilla Firefox Screenshot

Boys and girls. If you really want to enjoy browsing again without worring about how much spyware and viruses will you get as an unwelcomed gift after a browsing session with our belowed Internet Explorer do yourself a favour and get a real browser (instead of getting antispyware and antiviruses).

You do have choices, you know.

My choice, Mozilla’s name sounds too geeky according to some and it’s true it’s a bit bloated for a dial-up download although it contains much more that just a browser, but you can’t have any objection against it’s smaller brother, Firefox. It’s got a cool name (as it seems that this matters to some, ehem), it’s a small download (4,7 megabytes currently), it has superb functionality, it looks great and it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. Honest!

And that’s about all the baptism I’ll post for a while, but I really wanted to post this.