Of webcams and saboteurs

I did some pre 22 hours browsing today. And after sending an SMS i remembered to check out Myx.Net’s webcams and this made me nearly bang my head into the wall… Seeing so many happy people skiing. Whoaaa. I’m so full of envy right now. Even if Poiana Brasov isn’t the cheapest place in my country. I’m still hoping for the snow to get bigger around here. And today my hopes grew together with the sky getting cloudy. Still, nothing happened.

Also I found an article about my ISP offering a bounty of 1 billion lei (roughly 30.000$) for any information on those who sabotaged it’s network, cutting the fiber optic cable in three places somewehere between Bucharest, Giurgiu and Ploiesti, thus interrupting access for over 4000 broadband and 40000 dial-up clients. Nice. But wouldn’t it be logical for an ISP of this size to have at least one backup line? Or the second and third cuts were the backup lines? I don’t know. What I do know is that RDS is not working as good as it did in the middle of the summer when I started my dial-up account.

Some more Christmas thoughts

A funny thing about Christmas is that wheter you turn on your TV, radio, open your favourite magazine or web portal you can just feel the vibe. You can feel the people preparing for the event. This is nice. Because unwillingly you get into that vibe too.

Another thing is that if you visit your average supermarket (at least here in Romania) at this date you will most surely find it empty. And I mean EMPTY. The pre-Christmas shopping frenzy is a killer one.

Christmas is coming!


It’s almost here. Although I love it I do not expect much this year. I don’t really know why. Maybe because I feel that I was a very naughty boy this year… I just hope Santa haven’t noticed. I like receiving objects… So it’s obvious that I like getting presents.

The ones I remember from last year were a nice pair of Simpsons inspired cup and mousepad received from my cousin who’s in Spain for almost 2 years now. I haven’t used neither of these yet because I have a nice gel mousepad which I’ve “borrowed” from the firm I worked at last year and the cup is collecting dust on the kitchen rack somewhere. Too bad, because both are very nice.

Also, last year I surprised myself a bit late (in January) with a snowboard which I very much enjoyed. I’m in no way a sportsman. All year long I mostly sit in front of my computer bending my back in a very unhealthy way (actually this year my back began to hurt pretty badly). But in the winter I change. I become a monster. A monster on snow! And I like it so much! Even if my legs hurt like hell from the sudden overdrive. Hehe. Too bad this year up until now the Gods of the snow haven’t been too generous with us boarders / skiers around here. And so I’m looking out on the window and see about 5 centimeters of snow. Which is good for… nothing… Well, all I can do is hope. For more.

I got carried away a little.


Well, here I am. Blogging.

Starting off the I-REALLY-DONT-KNOW-TH time.

I hope this will be a more persistent blogging experience since my previous ones ended quite abruptly. Anyway my last blog ended too fast because my Internet connection was suddenly cut. I mean I had some troubles because my phone line by that time was an antique one, meaning that my family’s phone line was locked together with one of a neighbour’s, and all the dial-up costs showed up on his bill.

Pretty funny actually. From my point of view of course… And so to avoid more trouble I couldn’t connect any more from home and I just can’t blog from Internet cafés.

Too bad. Because re-reading that blog brings up nice memories. And I actually love writing journals because of this. Because they help dig up things that you’d think you’ve forgotten a long long time ago. Actually all is there. Locked safely. And a journal makes it all pop out of the haze. And it’s nice. I guess I love living on memories…

Well, enough intro. Here I am. Posting again…