Catching up on weird events

End of the year. Having nothing else to do it’s time to sum up the weirdest events. I found one that I really wouldn’t like to happen to me:

JERUSALEM - An Israeli businessman suffered a heart attack when he summoned a call-girl for company to his hotel room and opened the door to find his daughter standing there. But worse was to follow for once the 48-year-old was out of hospital and back home, he confessed the traumatic experience to his wife, who, while promising to get their daughter back on the straight and narrow, promptly demanded a divorce from her errant husband.

Poor fella. And poor cat:

THE HAGUE - A cat trapped in a mosque after Friday prayers in the Dutch town of Sneek alerted the whole town to its plight by meowing over the sound system normally used to call the faithful to prayer, having managed to turn on the system. The animal’s owner, recognising his pet’s meow, alerted the police but the cat was not freed until a key to the mosque was found 24 hours later.

Don’t miss the fun. Lots more here.

What a shitty night

Yeah. It was a really shitty night.

I’m bored.





Fuckin’ life! It’s good for some. Bad for the others. Us. Geeks.

Free admission to the skating rink

What do you get mixing sleet with ice? If you know something more slippery than the result please tell me. I went down to buy something about an hour ago… Holy cow. Older people are doomed. They have 2 choices: stay in the house or go out and break a bone or two…

I remember some images I saw a few days ago on TV. Some german TV was filming an “on-the-site” report about the streets which were in the same condition as they are now here (slippery as hell). And while the reporter was talking somebody was crossing in the background. And that somebody went flat right there.

I go visit a friend now. Thinking about taking my skates (which I don’t have) with me.

It's raining

Great news after great news. After a bit of snow last night, now it’s raining in some really small drops. Plus nice fog. Everything is melting away. It’s great. Chances for snowboarding are getting bigger day by day. Fuck. I knew this would happen if I buy myself a board. I just wonder how did it happen that last winter actually I caught a nice weather, suitable for boarding? Probably to raise my appetite. To make the pill even more bitter.

It seems like a perfect day for upgrading PHP and do some other computer related work.


Upgrade time!

Mailing lists are so good. You spare lots of time. :)

PHP 4.3.0 Released! [27-Dec-2002] The PHP developers are pleased to announce the immediate availability of PHP 4.3.0, the latest and greatest version of this extremely popular and widely used scripting language. This release contains a multitude of changes, bug fixes and improvements over the previous one, PHP 4.2.3. It further elevates PHP's standing as a serious contender in the general purpose scripting language arena. Please see the full release announcement.</p>