The New Year's Eve party

Initially I was considering partying with my long-time-no-see cousin (with whom I haven’t really spoken since he came home). But yesterday late in the afternoon (when else? I slept all day yesterday!) I found out that he wasn’t coming to the party I was expecting and so I also canceled my intention to go there. Because this would have been the most boring party I ever attend to. So, instead I’ve choosen the second most boring party to attend to.

And this party will be with my so called friends. But this will be just the usual. I mean just the usual friends, just the usual music, just the usual bad feeling. I don’t know. I was talking with someone on IRC tonight and he said that the New Year’s Eve parties completely lost their meanings for him since they do not offer anything out of the ordinary. And it’s kind of the same here too. There were times when it was a big blast to go to the BIG PARTY at the end of the year since it was the sole possibility to get drunk and do “interesting” things. But nowadays. When I get drunk and do “interesting” things weekend after weekend it’s no big deal really…

The worse thing about this party is that it’ll be held far - far away. And the local bus company (since it has a monopoly) doesn’t work on the first day of the new year. And so we’re practically stuck there. Plus I dumbly offered to take my speakers yesterday night. Shit. After thinking about it I figured that I’ll have to stay the second night whether if I want to or not, wheter if I’ll be flat tired or not, whether the party will be shit or not, etc. To guard my speakers. And taking them out of my room… Whoaaa. Well that’s a story itself.

So. Now I’m half happy. Half sad.

Happy because I’m somehow optimistic. That maybe this party will be different. Maybe. Yes. I really am an optimist to hope for such a thing. Hehe.

Still raining

Since I wrote that entry entitled ‘It’s raining’ it’s been raining constantly. And I wonder how it would looked like if all this rain was snow? I think we would be in BIG TROUBLE. Anyway I understood that snow and even snow showers are close now. And I’m so excited!

How can I dream such things?

Just about a moment ago I had this really weird dream that it was night but still the moon was shining so bright that you could see as during the day. And I was actually taking pictures and stuff like this. And this is nothing compared to the fact that yesterday in the afternoon I dreamt I was a spy or something like it, and I hid in some weird carvings in the walls and stuff like this. Ah, and before dreaming about the sunny moon I dreamt that I actually received my copy of Muzik for January for which I’m so eagerly waiting.

I have this weird dreams when I force myself to sleep not actually being too tired.


Holy Cow! I want this t-shirt! I need it!

I want to be a bigger geek than I am right now.

And this can be achieved partly by buying / making geeky t-shirts.

Kiddie pr0n anyone?

Well this is sick. It is really-really sick. But this is just my point of view.