Values these days

One more thought about the NYE party and then I’ll burry the thought. I’ll try at least.

The intro. There were these kids with us at the party. 15 - 16 years. Girls mostly. Plus one guy. Being drunk, I spotted one of the girls sitting there very sad. Having nothing else to do I went to cheer her up. It looks like I’ve succeded because yesterday I received an SMS in which she was telling me that I’m such a ‘cool guy’ that I made her happy then.

Well this got me thinking. If it only takes this to be a ‘cool guy’ then I could be a ‘cool guy’ really often. But then I thought about what does actually ‘cool guy’ mean for kids of this age… Answer: nothing really. Just as the word ‘friend’ doesn’t really mean anything to them either.

Maybe I shouldn’t think so much about stupid little things like this. Hehe.

Pause ][

I’ll take a break.

No more partying for a while. Because I’m really afraid that I’m going to drown that neuron of mine. And I don’t feel like it anyway. Partying, that is.

Whoa… And it’s already Saturday. I’ll stay home in the evening and do the usual. Cool / record worthy video trainspotting. Mouse pointer on the record button… It seems I created a cult. My vid captures spread in the whole town. I’m famous! Well actually, no. I’m not.



I’m back. Actually I was back on the 1st but I was (and I still am) such in a bad mood that I really had absolutely no power to write in the blog. Actually I don’t know why I have this bad mood, since the NYE party was quite, uhm, quite nice… I had the general bad mood since Christmas. And generally through the winter holidays because these are the days when you miss a girlfriend the most. And since I don’t have one…

I leeched lots of nu skul / dark breaks lately. They’re sooo cool. Hehe. Building up a nice library. As much as I can from dial-up… Yuk. Still better than nothing…


Will it be enough? That last party rant begins to lose sense when I take a peek at that 20 pack I have waiting for me on the hallway. It really gives me courage for the two nights ahead. Two and a half hours and I’m gone.

Oh. Forgot to mention that it’s going to be the same old sausage party as usual. Like 10 guys and 4 girls. Great.

But I’m still optimist.

Again, looking at that beer pack makes me even a bigger optimist!


I received Muzik.

What’s next? Daylight by night?

Or am I a brainwashed spy?