My Legendary Luck™

I did celebrate today. But not the cold and the snow as I’ve planned (at least not for now) but receiving an 8 at that exam for which I haven’t even opened my book (which I don’t have) or notes. It looks like my Legendary Luck™ was there again. Great!

I have to point out that my ass is really full with people calling me “super”. Today after finishing the examination the teacher told me that I am a “super kid”. And I said “whatever you say”. As polite as I could of course. She thought she offended me by calling me a kid. But the other word is the one which annoys me. Everybody calls me super. “Super OK”. “Super cool”. Super whatever. Still no one wants to get near such a super kid. As I still have no girlfriend. But enough of my frustrations! Today is definitively a happy day.

After the exam 4 of my colleagues plus the kid of two of them (yeah, age range at the table was between 18 and 31) and me went and ate pizza. It was so good. We sat there long after finishing the dish and chatted. About this and that. Everything and nothing. Was nice. It’s funny that now I look at them completely differently compared to the first day I went to this new school… At least I can say I like a few of them, because I really don’t stand some of the others. But I got used to it anyway.

Conclusion is: Phew! It’s so great that I’m done with this one too.

Fun with numbers

You can see so much stupidity on IRC. But sometimes you can see fun things too:

<wu-nix> 666 + 1337 = 2003 :) evil l33t year</p>

Also saw this link on IRC. It should only smile and it would be the perfect portrait.


It’s cold. It’s really cold. I’m not complaining since I wanted this so much. But I’m sitting in my room. The stove is right beside me (about 1 meter). It’s so hot I can’t touch it. Still my feet are freezing.

Well I guess tomorrow I could celebrate the cold again. On the slopes. Hehe.

Bad forecast

And no, this time it isn’t about snow and rain…

Haven’t been in the greatest mood yesterday so I haven’t posted anything. When I came back from snowboarding which gave my overall feeling a huge lift I was just about to write a new blog entry when I looked out the window. The wrong place at the wrong time… Saw something which put me back where I was when the day started.

Yesteday late in the evening I went to say goodbye to my cousin who left today around noon. He mentioned he’s so happy to go back and, man, I believed him!

Today I worked all day. Haven’t learned a word. Another exam tomorrow. I have a bad feeling about it. Really bad feeling. Because I haven’t liked this class as much as econimics. Haven’t been that active. Maybe a miracle? Maybe not. I hope though. I’ll see.

Another bad night

Or should I say: just the usual? This time I haven’t even been drunk. And still I made an idiotic move. Which makes me feel like shit now.

I had a good day yesterday. It had to end bad. Because otherwise it just wouldn’t be me. My faith. My bad luck.

Now it’s just the usual bad feeling. I’m beginning to feel weird when I’m not having it. Will bury myself into work as usual just to forget a bit about my misery.