I cut my hair a few days ago. And it’s weird. Because as long as I can remember I had longer (not long but not short either) hair. And now down to 1 cm (or something around it) is quite weird. I’m often forgetting about it. I had / have the habit of putting my hand through my hair. But now my hand doesn’t find any resistance up on my head. Because the resistance is lying now somewhere in a trash can.

The first thought when I first saw myself in the mirror after I came home was that I look like some crude soldier. Soldier… Even the thought of being a soldier gives me the shrieks.

Anyway I’m happy with it. It’s more comfortable than the “long” hair. And I did wanted a change.

Happy birthday Bogdan

My friend Bogdan celebrated his birthday today and I drew him this highly sophisticated and artistic image in Photoshop.

Happy birthday again mate! :-)

Thank God for w.bloggar

That huge last post almost vanished if w.bloggar’s undo feature wouldn’t save it. I ran out of diskspace on the server or something like this… It seems that Movable Type wasn’t able to write into the database. Phew!


I slept most of yesterday (I mean it still belongs to today as I’m still awake… but I’m getting confused here). Late in the afternoon / early in the evening I had a visitor of the opposite sex (quite a rare thing to happen to me) and we had a nice chat. Well, kind of. In the meantime I got some great news from my french ‘partner’. He told me that he sold one site I made back in the summer and he sold it for a nice amount of money. I don’t really get surprised anymore about sums of money in the web development / design business but this amount was big. Really big. For my usual standards at least. We decided to split it fifty-fifty. And it’s still a lot. I have no ideea what will I do with that amount of money… It won’t make me too happy that’s one sure thing. But I can’t say that I’m sad either. ;-)

After chatting for a while with ‘the french connection’ I walked my guest home. I got back to found one of my so called ‘friends’ waiting for me. He probably had nothing else to do and nobody else to visit so he turned to me. Or maybe he just wanted to visit me. Why do I always have to make things sooo complicated!? Heh.

We came in and did nothing for a while, until ‘Rat Race’ started on one of the channels and so we sat and watched. Not before I put good ol’ SoulSeek to work. After ‘Rat Race’ another surprise-like movie started. It was ‘One Night at McCool’s’. And just like as with ‘Sweet November’ out of the accident I saw another great movie. Note: Liv Tyler is one superb chick.

Talking about movies, I must say that I missed yesterday’s / today’s (What the hell!? I’m talking about the 24th of January!) programmed movie, ‘Save the Last Dance’. But I reprogrammed it and I hope to see it next Tuesday. Programming means that I take a look at the program guide and I enter the movie’s start time in my Palm, setting the alarm five minutes before it starts to have time to finish what I happen to do then and take a confortable position in front of the monitor…

After watching the movies I concluded that SoulSeek was a good boy and did his job well. It downloaded a bunch of MP3s. I must say that the Wireless Remix of Force Mass Motion’s Hold Back is a BOMB. Just this: a BOMB.

Yesterday (calendaristically) I took some pics for the local newspaper of an old lady who just turned 98… Or was it 97? Nobody knew for sure. And who happens to be the oldest inhabitant of our city. Makes you think… 98 years on this planet. Is a little too much.

4 movies in a day...

… and almost in a row. This is some accomplishment! The fourth one I watched was Showgirls. I didn’t catch it from the start but it didn’t worth it anyway. A pile of pathetic crap. But Elisabeth Berkeley and Gina Gershon’s tits were quite nice. Ehem.