Everybody loves gadgets!

I’m about to receive the much avaited HotSync cable for my Palm. So the fun can begin. I hope not to get in such an embarassing situation as this guy did:

A member of Norway's Parliament was caught playing a war game on his hand-held computer, right during the middle of Wednesday's parliamentary debate on Iraq. The red-faced representative from the Conservative Party has since apologized.</p>

I’m really looking forward for some Solitaire on the bus on my way to school. I’ve been missing Solitaire since the moment I sold my Ericsson T28. My new Nokia has such lame games! I don’t find Snake as addictive as many do. As a matter of fact I don’t really find it amusing or entertaining either.

I’ve been also looking at some reviews about the über gadget tonight. But until I’ll save 1500$ for a toy there’s Leila, my cocker. Who’s pregnant again! Damn. :-)


Who are you visiting me from tuiasi.ro? Please leave a comment because I’m just sooo curious! :-)

Cutie quake is back!

Well here it is again. I had the 1000th page load. I must be lucky or something…

Also it seems like a bonus pack came out for UT2003. Should grab it. But first I should play the game more. A lot more. Because I really like it. And I do relax playing it after coding my brain off. I’m talking about UT here. Not Cutie Quake…

The only task remaining now is to remember what that other post I lost was about.

Blog problems

At a given moment my webspace got filled up and since then I was having problems with my blog. I could use this as an excuse for not posting anything…

But this seems solved. As I migrated Movable Type’s data storage to MySQL. It’s much easier for me to back it up this way too as I have much more experience with MySQL than with Berkeley DB… Actually I still have no ideea what the latter is except that is somekind of file based database. The only small problemo is that PERL works really slowly with MySQL. And eats CPU power like mad.

I only lost 2 entries. And these were links. One of them at least I know for sure was a link to Cutie Quake…

UPDATE: I’m really pleased to see that the comments were exported / imported too! Wheeew! Nice!


I’m overwhelmed of it. For the moment I have to do a pretty complicated system for my french partner in crime. This new assignment pissed me off a little because I had to interrupt work on a current project which wasn’t the funniest work either. And it also pissed me off because it was GSM related. Again. GSM. Yuk. It seems that all my life I’ve been doing GSM sites.

But I did other things too. Recently we finished and put online netu.ro. It’s a nice site. Was simple to implement. But the payement isn’t huge either. Actually I’m rather disappointed of the sum I’m getting out of it. I used the word we. It looks like soon I’ll be part of a new company. As an associate. Now, if this happens it’ll be an interesting and new type of business experience. Working with two people as associates. And these people will be located at the other end of the country… I have plans to move. But also plans to stay. I don’t know what will happen. But I don’t really see myself still here in 3 years because of the University. I really don’t know.