Oh no...

[ Mon 02/03/2003 07:43 PM ] Delayed due to customs inspection // Event localization : BUCHAREST

I see it already. Another week… Stuck. What I don’t understand is what the fuck are they inspecting on a cable and a pair of shoes!?

I hate this country!

My cable is almost here!

[ Sun 02/02/2003 07:09 PM ] Delayed due to customs inspection // Event localization : BUCHAREST

Oh no. Not again. My digital camera got stuck at the fucking Romanian customs for a week…

I’ll check this as mad today. Because if yesterday night it was in Bucharest and it’s OK with the customs it should arrive today! But if there will be another entry about the customs it’ll be clear: another week. Another custom fees… I just hope not!

The almighty God of the Net wuz here

Yes, the blog was indexed by Google. And no, I didn’t mean ‘kitchen’…

Welcome world!

MySQL books

I didn’t went straight to bed yesterday last night. Instead I read some reviews of the book I intended to buy… Turns out it isn’t that good actually since it only contains the documentation you can find on the site or included with the software on paper. And I also realized I have it in PDF. Downloaded it some time ago from a binaries group. Only for evaluation purposes of course! :-)

Instead I should further check reviews and opinions on MySQL Cookbook and MySQL.

One more thing and I'm off to bed!!!

I made myself a MasterCard. The only Romanian MasterCard which allows average Romanian people to shop on the Net. The procedure is rather complicated since you have to transfer the money to a virtual card before going e-shopping but it’s still worth it. As soon as I get my hands on the card itself (around the end of next week) I’ll get myself a good MySQL book because I have serious holes in my knowledge about this database management system. And it would be really important to plug those holes as soon as possible.

I don’t quite want to think about the price of the book nor the shipment’s…

And now yes. I’m going to bed. I planned to go at midnight. And it’s almost 2:30 and I have to work a lot tomorrow! And as a lot of work implies an early wake up… Oh, just shut up and go to sleep!