A real VIP on the drumandbass.ro forum!

I like to rate stuff

So I spend a lot of un-useful time on mikeproject’s “rate my X” sites.

Google is FUN

And I’m a geek!

Anyway. Searching for your name is always fun. Even more fun if you have an uncommon name.

Results on the Web

From these you can see that I own and maintain this site, that I have a long un-updated personal page, I also designed my other university’s page (and put it on PHP later), I participated in the hungarian PHP list, and that I made a first Romanian translation for phpBB. Also some other smaller things… Fading away…

Results in Google Image Search

I like this one the most. It yields on result. And it’s a picture of me. In person. Last summer. In my favourite bar. Though the picture doesn’t show somebody on my left side… That somebody who made me so happy that day.

Results in Usenet Groups Search

The first result is not so relevant… But those other names sound familiar. Anyway it seems I’m deep rooted. :-) Then again there is proof that I work with and like PHP / MySQL.

Results in DMOZ Directory Search

Again. I’m the owner of resurseweb.net and I designed ubm.ro.

Luckily (or not) I’m not present in the news


Searching for one friend’s name showed that he was a really active amateur electronic musician back in 2000 when he hit the USENET for a short period. :-)

Schoool again

Yek. Looks like tomorrow in the morning I’ll start visiting THAT place again…

But I don’t want to gooo. Please dogs eat that University!!! I hate waking up in the morning… :-(

The cable update

Yes. Today I slept all day since I stood awake until about 8 o’clock in the morning… The phone drove me crazy since it rang a lot. But one of the calls was a guy from the customs asking me for my address… I don’t know how can they lose your address but not your phone number, but I answered him calmly. He said that they will send the package by Fan Curier (a Romanian quick delivery service). But he was talking so calmly I forgot to ask why he said ‘we will’ and not ‘we are’ sending your package… Perhaps because I waited such a short time?

OK. So it seems that tomorrow I’ll have the package. At least I hope so.