I spent most of yesterday tweaking and trying to customize Gallery. Which was a bit of a pain in the ass because as versatile this application is when it comes to photo manipulation on-line, customizing it is a real nightmare. A lot of stuff is hardcoded into the PHP files, no templates so you have to search for everything, no CSS usage only table wizardry (the bad kind)… After all I managed to get something nice of it. And I actually succeeded criss-crossing it with Movable Type’s template system… I’m a real whiz kid, yeah! But I’m far from satisfied with it.

Temporary results are here (UPDATE Link deleted). The album slideshow section is not customized for now… And I hope I’ll have the time to tweak it some more a little later.

More fun with Google

How come I didn’t know about Google Sets?

I found out about it on Shift’s Year In Review (2002) page.

Days and saints

Yeah… It’s almost Valentine’s Day. And I’m just guessing what my girl collegues will come up with today… About boyfriends and this upcoming day.

Actually I kinda hate it. And not solely because almost as long as I can remember I was alone on this day like on any other. But because this is just another Import Day

This e-card at ICQ is funny though.

One less site to list my name

It was with great sadness that I read an announcement on saying that it won’t be updated anymore. It’s sad that it closes since it was the leading “portal” site for Baia Mare and one of the best in the country.

I remember the times (back in the summer of 2001) when there was this huge “fight” between me and the guy who was behind that site. And this fight only made me more ambitious to make the long defunct better. And this way I learned a lot of stuff. After going online with I saw what it meant to keep a news site in a town where people had really no ideea what a portal site for a town meant… No news contributions, no nothing. It seems that he closed his site for the same reasons… Sad.

I just hope he’ll have better luck with his webdesign company.

Girl talk

This week I really started going to school. Well except today, which I skipped because of being awake far too long last night. Anyway our first class today wasn’t held (at least these were the previsions, and I hope they came true) and there was a math class after that. So I said: no thank you. I’m not quite ready for maths. Yet.

Monday was the funniest day since a long time. Theoretically I had school starting at 13:00. I arrived at 14:40… Right in the middle of some computers related class. In which we learn the secrets of those two fantastic Microsoft softs called Word & Excel. I managed somehow to stay awake for an hour. Last semester I was excused from this kind of classes because the teacher realised that I probably knew the stuff better than he did. I’m waiting for his decision again.

He let us out at around 15:35 because he intended to show us something by the lab but all the computers were running defrag when we got there. So he let us “home”. At 17:00 we had the gym class starting. Or however it should be called. This class works like this: We go there. Wait for the teacher. He makes a list of who’s there. And lets us home.

Anyway we had one and a half an hour to wait. So we decided to do the usual. Get a cup of coffee and chat away at a nearby hotel’s restaurant. On our way there in one of my classmate’s car I noticed I was one against five. Boys against girls I mean. I thought I should write that down right away since it happens so “often”. And this coffee break was fun since I found out the latest news on everybody’s new boyfriend and more importantly: who’s wearing bra’s and who hates them, and where does the straps hurt… Yeah. The fun of hanging out with five girls.