"This is how I met her"

I love reading romantic stuff.

Wonder if I’ll every be happy. In that way…

I love this tune!

Got answers for everyone, endless excuses Not habit for anyone, cos I'm trying to break your click-track heart Seen a vision of perfect grace, airbrushed and lifeless All contempt and aftertaste it's like I'm waiting for the scars to heal</p>

Sneaker Pimps - Loretta Young Silks

Next generation handsfree head set

Frustrated about your old and outdated cell phone’s size?

Well, then check this out!

Illustrations I like

I really like these “made in 50’s” kind of illustrations as found on the Radebaugh page. We have a lot of almanacs of various technology related magazines full of printed pics like this up in our garret as my father was obsessed with technology right about that time (the sixties and seventies to be exact). I should organize an expedition… To dig up some cool old stuff worth scanning. Then get a scanner… I’m getting sleepy only thinking about it. Lazy me.

Time to update my wishlist

Now Shure E5C and Shure E2C are surely the best headphones I ever read about. But why does the first one cost 5 times as much as the second. And why-oh-why does this mean 500$? Definetly not for the poor. :-)