New acquisition

I bought a microwave oven yesterday.

Now I’m microwaving everything! Really. Even things that do not really need to be microwaved. I microwave them. I ate 2 microwaved sandwiches earlier. And now I’m drinking some hot, microwaved, tea.

I really like new stuff. And I like new stuff even more if it’s, no, not microwaved, but some kind of electric power driven thing.

I want this phone!

Sony Ericsson T100 Lately I cooled down a little bit with my gadget mania. After I bought my Palm that is. Which I bought more because it was a damn good deal (I got it for the third of the original price, hah!) and I found out later that it’s a very smart and useful thing for such a small gadget. So I bought it with small hopes and found out later how great it is. Not as with my MP3 player. Which I bought with great hopes and ended up hating it. I don’t like it…

So I cooled down. But I still want this phone. I wanted it from the first moment I saw it. Yes. It was that. Love at first glance. I mean sight. :-) I don’t know. But it’s just too cool! It’s small, it’s thin and that blue! Oh!

Problem is I never ever bought myself a phone. I had an Ericsson T28 which I received as a present from my french partner. And now I have a Nokia 8310 which I received, well, again, as a present from my, well, still again, french partner. The Nokia’s soft is now fucked up. It needs to be flashed but somehow I’m afraid to take it to the “doctor”. It’s a 300$ phone after all and I don’t want to see it completely dead. Because of some idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Compared to the Nokia’s features this phone is a kid. But I don’t care that much since I’m not using half of the Nokia’s features anyway… For example I listened to the built in radio two times in one year, never really used the vocal commands feature, never used WAP, and so on… So this phone is a bit too much for me. And I’d like something new. And if I’ll get something new then I’ll get my paws on that Sony Ericsson on the right.

Not too soon anyway.

My Mum interested in technology!?!?

Tonight my mother was in my room to do some work. Because she said she couldn’t concentrate out in the kitchen where father was watching Big Brother… Anyway. I helped her to calculate some calories (as she’s a nurse at a kindergarten). And instead of the usual calculator I’ve used the Palm to do the arithmetics. And then she used the Palm to do the arithmetics. I was quite amazed that she put her hands on a piece of modern technology. Because she’s usually very afraid of such things.

And even more weird. After we finished she took it and started pushing it’s buttons looking all amazed and telling me that: “Wow, look how advanced technology is nowadays, and I still have to calculate these damn calories!”

There’s something wrong. Something definetly wrong here!

Hard working weeks

There went two really busy weeks, two weeks in which I basically worked, cancelled that trip I was talking about, massively skipped school and I started going to the swimming pool. To swim…

Work: I made a web interface for a GSM Unlocking solution through the web. For my good old trusty French client. With whom I’m working now since more than one year.

School: There’s not too much to note other than I really thought about going the last school days of this week (Wednesday & Thursday) but somehow I always stood up really late browsing the Net for this and that and so I was unable to wake up in the mornings… I know it’ll be really hard to get used with going again. Starting with tomorrow I hope! Baaah!

Going to the pool was definitely the most interesting of the three main things I did in the last two weeks. I went four times. First time was like any first time: getting around and getting used with the unwritten rules. Fortunately I went with a friend who used to go there so I had a guide. And I wasn’t completely lost as I usually am when I hit something new… The second time was OK. Nothing much to say. But the third time wasn’t… Because I acted like Mister Hero and swam 10 pool lengths. Which in my swimming style equals about 6 pool lengths swam in a more energetic style than mine. So the day after this heroic performance my neck stalled! And it hurt like hell. It got better somehow but there I went for the fourth time. 8 pool lengths with a just “healed” but still hurting neck… And then, after exhausting myself I had this great idea! I bought and drank a half liter of Coke. This was Friday night. And then, there I was Saturday in the morning. In bed. Fever. 39°C. Cool. I mean, hot. Fortunately I got out of it quickly helped by some antibiotics and a good healthy sleep. Which made up about all my Saturday. But tomorrow I’m going again. To swim that is. I’m not giving up so easily!

I took the quiz

W3Schools HTML Quiz

Result: 20 of 20 100% Perfect!!! Time Spent 5:20</p>

And I only cheated for the ordered lists… Who uses ordered lists these days anyway? :)