Oscar Bla Bla - Part II

Mickey Mouse was great!

It’s so sad that there’s nothing on Daypop.com about the Oscars. It seems that the whole weblog community is concentrating on the war. Fortunately a search on Feedster doesn’t show such sad results…

Best supporting actress, two nominations from Chicago, and… One of them wins, of course. It’s Catherine Zeta-Jones. Who’s pregnant… Wow!

Haha. Alias Wavefront’s Maya… An achievement indeed…

Frida’s music sounds great! (The score I mean.) And Salma “I started as an actress in a soap opera” Hayek looks great!

Sound. I put my tip on Lord of The Rings. Chicago… Whooops.

Sound editing. OK. My tip is again on Lord Of The Rings. Bingo this time! :-)

First anti-war speech.

Oscar Bla Bla - Part I

Steve Martin:

“I loved Lord Of The Rings. That was a great download.”

“Hosting the Oscars for the second time is like making love to a woman the second time. I guess.”

“Uuuh! Sorry, I thought I saw a non-celebrity…”

“There are no losers tonight. But we’re about to change that.”

Lord Of The Rings starts to harvest technical awards again.

I haven’t seen many of the movies of tonight’s Oscars but I liked Chris Cooper a lot back then, in American Beauty and his speech was impressive.

Oh look: J Lo presenting an award…


Yes. I’m awake. And I’m watching them.

As usual.

Saddam and Bush IRC-ing

Check out the screenshot! :-)

Less spam. A better life.

Read in a post by Kasia about Spam Assassin which lead me to SAProxy for Windows, a POP3 proxy server for Windows which will tag every SPAM mail so that your mail program can filter them out easily or put them directly in the Trash folder.

This is not only a useful piece of software but it’s also quite funny as it rates every mail according to the results of the spam tests it does on each mail. So you can go through all your spam and see which rates higher. Geeky. :-)

Oh and this is an old account of mine after processing. Looks quite sad, does it?