Another upgrade campaign ahead

Right now I’m downloading Mozilla 1.3 and I should soon get and install MySQL 4.0 and PHP 4.3.2 (which were recently declared stable) and I should try Apache 2 which was released more than a year ago as far as I know but I’m still not sure if I’ll manage installing / configuring it. But that were the thoughts I had 2 years ago about Apache 1.3… And then came my graduation project. That’s when I learned the most about Apache’s httpd.conf.

1st of April fun

Some whether have too much free time on their hands or they are really addicted to create the almost perfect April the 1st joke site.

Things I hate...

There are not many, really. But the one thing I hate the most is when somebody promises me something and then he doesn’t keep it.

I’ve been promised a package yesterday. For this afternoon. And it’s nowhere…

Well, I guess tomorrow.

What to do with some excess money

The Gulf War Drinking Game

They buy a domain for a page of text nowadays. I’m still amazed by these kind of examples.

Link via Kasia.

Cool graphics

My friend Lucian Marin (aka bflux) put some graphics of his online. As much as I get it these were made with a marker. What I don’t know is if these were private stuff or not. But they were so cool, I mean SO COOL, I just had to make a copy for “eternity”. Because with Luci you never know when he deletes stuff. And it’s a pitty to delete such cool stuff.

I really enjoyed these pics. I really think some of them are awesome!!!

Congrats pal! Warm handshakes and everything!

[ UPDATE Links expired. I’m do not intend to upload those images in my present gallery. Most of them appeared in the Nukontrast magazine anyway. ]