Smarty License

Well, after driving a certain somebody crazy with Lesser GPL I found all the informations I needed about Smarty’s license by simply searching it’s mailing list archive for ‘license’.

Well, sorry. :-P

And since I was there I got the latest Smarty, which is 2.5.0.


I wanted to post a long entry about what happened yesterday and today (pretty busy days) but I’m so tired that my head hurts. And my head hurts 3 or 4 times a year. And when it does hurt it means that I’ve crossed the line. 4 and 6 hours of sleeping / night is not much…. Not enough.

Bed time again.

Night browsing

Damn, I’m up very late again! And I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow or I’ll just lay lazily in my bed. I guess I’ll force myself somehow… Here’s the link harvest:

  • Here's an album one of my friends (actually my "best friend") would surely love a lot, since it contains almost all the theme tunes of the shows played on Cartoon Network.
  • Lots of weird stuff (pics and stories) on Anomalies Unlimited. From the few I browsed I found this carving of the Lords Prayer on the head of a pin the most interesting. The poor guy went blind doing it...
  • I like horror books so I saved this page from BookFilter for further reference.
  • This is the fourth entry to justify somehow that I'm up at 3 AM browsing and I have to wake up in 5 hours. This sounds bad. And it won't feel one bit better.

I’ll sleep most of the day tomorrow I can be sure of that. At least I hope I’ll attend the Mathematics class…

Bed time!

Blogging tools

Two of the Windows tools I use related to my “blogging experience”, ehem, are w.bloggar, which I’m using to write these lines and almost all the other lines in my blog, and Syndirella which I use to read almost all of the blogs I use to read. Almost all because I only use Syndirellea to read those blogs which offer full post RSS syndication.

The bad news is that Syndirella’s author posted in his blog that he’ll abandon working on this great blog and newsreader tool. Which is sad. Because I really enjoy using that piece of software. Oh well, I hope somebody else will pick up the project since it’s opensource. And I’ll give a try to SharpReader too.

Ode to Thinner

Sometimes I’m amazed by the quality of music you can find for free on the Internet. And the lack of quality of the music you can buy in shops…

And the good thing is that you can always discover new music on the Internet. New music which you’ll like. I visited one of my favourite netlabels one of these days, tokydawn records just to find out they haven’t updated since December last year. That’s sad. Because they’ve put out such great material over the time, and I’m the proud owner of almost all the tunes they’ve released! Disappointed by the lack of recent updates I went to their links section and from there I hopped to Thinner where I found these wonderful deep house tracks.

I’ve been looking for stuff like this for a while… Deep house that is. And now the MP3s are sitting nicely on my hard drive. Cute!