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Se pare că am dat lovitura și am reușit să creez un video într-atât de plăcut încât a devenit viral. Ce să mă fac? Mă retrag în plină glorie, că de aici pot doar...


Weekend epic la Borșa

Aveți mai sus pe departe cel mai reușit clip de-al meu până la momentul actual. Se merită vizionat full screen în HD (dacă aveți opțiunea de 1080p50 alegeți-o cu încredere!). În rolurile principale Ioana...



Mi s-a împlinit un vechi vis, sau de fapt e pe cale să se împlinească. Voi reveni cu amănunte.

The Helilog – Crash #2 4

The Helilog – Crash #2

Whoops I did it again! Yesterday evening, after taking care of some errands I went to the field where we usually fly. A phonecall later I discovered that I’ll be alone but that was...

The Helilog – A follow-up to part 1 0

The Helilog – A follow-up to part 1

Because I can’t really call it part 2. Yesterday I went to the field as planned although during the day we’ve had sort of a storm… However, it was calm when it was time...

The epic weekend in review 0

The epic weekend in review

What’s the word that best describes a weekend starting on Friday at 1 PM and from which you return to work only on Wednesday? Plus it contains your birthday. I think epic will do....

RC Helicopter Wiki 0

RC Helicopter Wiki

I rarely promote other projects of mine around here, a notable exception being the left sidebar, but this time I’ll make an exception as it’s something which I very much like. But first, some...