The drama update

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  • Dude, I’m sorry to hear. I hope she’ll be ok with your grandfather. Is there anything that can be done about your dad’s drinking problem though?
    Best of luck

  • Thanks Andreea.
    In a normal world there would have been. But in small town in Northern Romania there isn’t much to do.
    I mean, there were times when he recognized he’s got an issue and went into therapy, but it never lasted long afterwards. It was just like in this case, a ticking time bomb. However lately (10 – 15 years at least) “nu se pune problema” as this is his only hobby: drinking himself to the point where he’s unable to get off the bed, and when it wears off, drinking some more.
    The only thing I wonder about is why did my Mum stay with such a wreck?
    I could go on and on about this, but there’s no use. Bottom line is, you can get therapy if you want to. But he doesn’t want to, he’s “proud” of himself as he is and for the moment I’m sort of ignoring him and am trying to concentrate on getting my Mum back on her feet.