Moving again

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  • RS

    Huh, I’ve been pretty happy with them using WP, but mainly because they are so generous with space and bandwidth. It increases every month and I have 500GB now…enough to backup my MP3s “offsite”. Thus I can also run Ampache so my girlfriend and I can stream when we are not at home. I would get a dedicated machine if I was hosting a professional site, but I’ve been happy enough with my personal site on a shared server. Maybe you are just on a busy shared server and can be moved? Also, there’s some PHP tweaking one can do as well but I haven’t bothered. Your site seems quite quick to me though…

  • kit

    Consider this, also. MT is not exactly a dream, either.
    On the other hand, I’m on MT and DH, too—so I’m steamed up as well.

  • @kit: I know WordPress. Too well, I could say – as I’ve been providing support for various installations over the years – plus I have two of my own (Turism Maramures and Link7 Blog). However Movable Type has it’s own magic and elite flavour.
    @RS: The pages are quick, but just try submitting a comment. And imagine that the whole administration works just as sluggishly. However, I won’t discontinue my DH subscription as it works fairly well with PHP. No complaints in this department, thank you. Plus the bandwidth, storage space, SVN and the other goodies… MT / CGI is a whole different story, though. And I saw how fast it was working on TotalChoice a while back when I was still being hosted there. So I’m doing the only logical thing: going back. For a few bucks a month it’s not worth going through all the headaches of moving to a new DreamHost server, which might be just as overloaded as this one.
    Thank you both for your feedback. ;)

  • Yeah, yeah… Stick to your l33t MT :p
    But add me to the “allowed spammers list”!

  • You’re whitelisted.