MacAdSensePlus – An AdSense monitoring widget for your Mac’s Dashboard

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  • This is a great widget! While the original MacAdSense is simple, I do like the few more tidbits of stats this provides.
    The only issues I have spotted since use is with larger click numbers the text starts to over lap. I would be more than happy to provide any screenshots.
    I hope to see updates! Thanks for your work.

  • Ooopps, I completely forgot! Please excuse the double comment.
    On the click stats, a “.” is used instead of a “,” when getting into the thousands etc.

  • Hi János! I really like your widget. It works almost perfectly, but I don’t know why my monthly total is 2 cents under the real value (it shows up OK in MacAdSense). I like your widget better than plain ol MacAdSense because I really need to see those Today and Yesterday values, but I haven’t uninstalled MacAdSense yet because of that discrepancy in the monthly total. Know why that might be?

  • I just thought I would stop in to give an update to my issues I stated earlier in the comments.
    I solved the issue myself by editing a single line in the php code. In the file MacAdsense.php I simply commented out the line:
    $result = str_replace(“,”, “.”, $result);
    This fixed both the “,” issue and larger numbers not fitting properly in the boxed areas.
    Thanks so much once again for creating such an awesome tool!

  • János, great work! I found your widget and it works great for me under 10.5! I noticed one extremely small issue, which is that the version number on the back side of the version 0.2 widget is still listed as 0.1. Again, very minor. Keep up the good work!

  • Looks like Mac Adsense (Version 0.6) fixed the new “Google Login API ” issue
    is there a possibility you Update this on Mac Adsense Plus>???
    Mac AdsensPlus Stopped working after Google Updated this mentioned Login API..
    Please advice

  • Hi !
    I used MacAdsense, and I discovered MacAdsensePlus today. It seems very cool, but numbers stay at zero… Nothing seems to work for me. MacAdsense works well, and MacAdsensePlus not.
    How can we try to understand this ?

  • btw, you talk about downloading version 0.2, and the link downloads a file named But after de-zipping it, it’s 0.1…

  • Cray Flatline

    Hi! Really great widget. But please update it. (: now it doesn’t work..

  • FYI, anyone having problems with this widget after Feb 27, 2008, please visit and agree to the new terms. Once you do, load this widget again, typing your password on the back, and it will work again. I just tried this after having this widget ‘fail’ for about the last month, and that fixed it. It also fixes the non-“Plus” one as well.
    Hope that helps someone!

  • Well… I saw the general terms, but nowhere to agree… Do you think about a special page ?

  • Hello János,
    I love the MacAdsensePlus widget. it has been working very well for me despite some of the Google updates to their CVS file. I was hoping you have not given up on this widget. The only issues I can see with it currently are the numbers for “clicks” are not showing the right numbers.
    Thanks for reading yet another comment of mine.