Hard drive crash

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  • lucian

    yeah right
    i backed the news, but not the covers, ofld either…
    damn it man :)

  • uhm.. i wish you good luck, fellas :) bring it back up soon!
    i`ve just ordered pizza.. does anybody want a slice? :)

  • EVEN

    Hey Janos & Lucian!
    i think i saved all the covers from supermagnet. i’ve made an zip & you can download it from http://stefan.internetservice.ro/supermagnet.zip
    Good luck,

  • lucian

    oh yes, you are a lifesaver :)
    we recovered everything except those covers
    anyway, we dont have the labels either, so i guess they will remain lost
    but i will get them and maybe try something
    thanks a lot stefan

  • Well I’m ok, there’s always the Google cache, the posts I saved on my HDD..but I feel bad about drumandbass.ro, the TMBase photos, comments, everything :/

  • Hey Deea. You’ll soon have a blog on one of Earth’s coolest hosts… So, gather those entries quick. :-)

  • One nice evening before going to a beer, I accidentally deleted the database of dor de duca just like that. I was relaxed as I knew there where nightly db backups but guess what… I didn’t get to that beer after all :)
    Last backup was dated 2.5 months before the incident. It took us a weekend of google-begging-for-our-own-content and 3-4 days more for putting it all back together.
    So best of luck and may your future data stay with you :)