Waitec HipHop – Sold!

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  • i hope the fool buyer doesnt know about this blog :)

  • J

    And what if he reads it (highly unlikely)? :)
    He payed and the deal is done. He should find himself another sucker as Flamingo found me back then… Grrr!


    and you wanted to sell me that shit you bastard !

  • Don’t worry. You are not alone to have fooled yourself.
    I bought the same player one year later. I liked the idea of
    using small cd’s to hold mp3 music and were in euphoria because of a job assignment :)
    But with a battery-time measured in minutes and a noise level higher
    than the music itself on normal listening volume,
    it has not been very useful!
    It has finally come to use again, as my employer has banned mp3 in our office computers cd-drives! And most my mp3 is self-made from my own cd’s anyway!