That naughty Yahoo! Messenger

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  • Amanda Puckett

    now this messanger thing chat thing will be alot more interesting and funny

  • J

    Ah, while deleting comment spam I accidentally deleted a genuine comment belonging to this entry. To the author of that particular comment: if you read this please accept my appologies and accept my invitation to resubmit your comment.

  • Stacey

    The Naughty emoticons are indeed awesome. The Basefaces site now has some Halloween smileys too which look great.

  • santa

    i want to have naughty emoticons

  • Try here:
    But they are listed elsewhere on the website now I know I have seen it.

  • kaie

    it’s ok. thought the naughty was more explicit. saw one on msn . . . pic of a guy fucking a gal. was hot.

  • Eric

    I have yahoo messenger. I downloaded the naughty emoticons. But how do I add them to my messneger? Dont know how to use them, please help. Thankyou.